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DecentraNet To Unite Crypto Community And Global Leaders At World Economic Forum

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The World Economic Forum is one of the globe’s most important public gatherings of thinkers and leaders. The BBC estimates that the small town of Davos, Switzerland will host more than three thousand participants during the 2018 meeting.

But if you’re paying attention to the news coming out of Davos on January 23rd through 26th, you’ll want to keep a related gathering on you rader: CryptoHQ, a simultaneous meeting organized to discuss the past and explore the future of crypto and blockchain technology. CryptoHQ offers events hosted by and featuring over forty leaders from the cryptocurrency landscape.

DecentraNet, an advisory firm cohosting the event along with Bueno Capital, believes that crypto technology has and will change the world. In light of cryptocurrency’s growing significance, it’s essential that global leaders and the crypto community exchange ideas and explore new paths forward. CryptoHQ offers a venue for that to happen.

The Street predicts that cryptocurrency will take center stage among WEF attendants, while a recent WEF report on the threat of cyberattacks and China’s recent decision to ban bitcoin have made attendees more aware that cybercurrency presents dangers as well as opportunities. Co-Founder Matthew McKibben observes that cryptocurrency, like any technology, can be a “double-edged sword.” But he goes on to explain that CryptoHQ is designed to promote positive growth and solutions for cyrptocurrency, both mitigating threats and promoting innovation: “DecentraNet’s goals at Davos are to ensure the world’s elite can understand and actively participate in this evolution. Ground-breaking advances in trust systems and value exchange can and must be leveraged for the betterment of humanity rather than its detriment.”

Cryptocurrency is poised to influence almost every sphere of the modern world, and the diversity of CryptoHQ’s panel topics reflects this. Events will cover the future of government and regulation, healthcare innovation, the creative arts, women in the blockchain industry, infrastructure and transportation, financial services and inclusion, education, ICOs, the future of banking, online privacy, innovation and entrepreneurship, healthcare, investment opportunities, radical value creation, and the future of purchasing. Distributed between panels, keynote addresses, fireside chats, and working lunches, CryptoHQ events will provide multiple opportunities for participants to learn about developments in the crypto world. Participants can bring their new knowledge base back to their own companies and institutions, spreading innovative new practices.

CryptoHQ will also create a space to generate collaboration between cryptocurrency players, WEF attendants, and other global thought leaders. According to the UN Institute for Statistics, cooperation and linkage with other shareholders is one of the most important factors driving innovation in the global economy. Decentranet is optimistic that many new ideas and solutions will emerge from the connections forged at CryptoHQ.

Participants include Sophia, the world’s first robotic global citizen, and more traditionally human thought leaders such as Desmon Griffin with Glance Technologies, Brock Pierce of Block.One, Dr. Steven Waterhouse of Orchid Labs, John Wise of, Crystal Rose of Sensay, Dinis Guerda of Lifesci and Legenergy, and Rik Willard of Agentic and Global Blockchain. Artists will be in attendance as well, notably contributing to Thursday’s panel on blockchain and the creative industries (an event featuring DJ Rui da Silva, UB40 musician Brian Travers, and Swarkovski artist San B). It would take pages to list the accomplishments of every speaker and panelist and CryptoHQ, but the mixing together of so many leaders and thinkers will lead to innovative cross-pollination of ideas in the blockchain world and help participants further develop and innovate in the crypto arena for years to come.

DecentraNet is a full-service blockchain advisory and consultancy whose current clients include eleven major cryptocurrency players. Decentranet has attracted such a powerhouse stable because it offers several valuable client services, including white paper development, legal compliance, smart contract development and exchange listing, token sale management, private capital and strategic partnerships, and marketing functions. A firm with plenty of connections inside and outside of the crypto world, DecentraNet is excited to co-host the world’s first CryptoHQ.

CryptoHQ will be located at number 67 on the main promenade in Davos. Participants will enjoy a “Proof of Steak” dinner and luxurious housing in “Crypto Chalets”. Surprise musical guests are promised, and of course in Davos skiing is always an option. But the real benefit for participants – and for crypto community members who can’t manage to attend this year – will be valuable thought exchange on cryptocurrency and global issues.

World leaders can no longer ignore the power and promise of cryptocurrency for the global economy, and CryptoHQ promises to connect those leaders with new innovation in the cryptocurrency field. After the WEF is over and Davos returns to being a sleepy Swiss skiing town, the impacts of the ideas discussed and created at CryptoHQ will continue to influence the world.

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