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BuildCoin Foundation To Better Society Through Crypto

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If you’ve spent as much time as I have with the blockchain community, you know that people have a tendency to focus on the upside of the crypto market.

Market just crashed again? No problem, that just means it’s a great time to buy and fill up that Bitcoin Wallet.

International governments not interested in cryptocurrencies? They’ll get on board eventually.

Wall Street not taking cryptocurrencies seriously? It’s only a matter of time before they do.

No matter what you throw at the blockchain community, they always seem to come out optimistic on the other end. There’s always an answer, always a potential fix.

And yet, throughout all my time spent among the blockchain community, I have yet to hear of a realistic solution to situations like the Silk Road.

Yes, that Silk Road.

To be fair, there’s no immediate, quick fix that you can apply to this type of problem. By its very design, cryptocurrency lends itself to this kind of abuse. It’s important for us to keep in mind that those marketplaces are able to thrive because we haven’t come up with a solution that addresses the sale and purchase of illegal goods.

Okay, so maybe we can’t solve that problem today. But it does speak to a bigger point. That is, as members of the blockchain community, how are we harnessing the power of crypto for good?

The BuildCoin Foundation: What it means to be a Force for Good

On the surface, The BuildCoin Foundation seems like your typical non-profit. As an infrastructure and construction management organization, the BuildCoin motto speaks to the heart of their goal: “building a better world, one block at a time”.

The BuildCoin Foundation operates from the perspective that every human being deserves access to both affordable and reliable infrastructure to reach their highest potential and live their best life.

Some of you out there reading might be thinking, “that sounds great, but what does that actually look like?’

Well, before you can understand what BuildCoin does, you first have to understand why it’s necessary.

BuildCoin is working on building a new foundation for both global economic and human social advancement. That’s because in developed as well as in emerging economies, there is a startling shortage of investment funds to build modern power and electric, transportation, water and sewage, and communications systems.

Why does any of this matter? Well, because investments in the development of high-quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure end up driving economic development, raising productivity, incomes, and promoting overall human well-being. The beauty of these infrastructure projects is they go on to fuel transformative economic and social growth.

Today, investors, government entities, contractors and financial institutions involved in the development of massive infrastructure projects demand improved project visibility, greater efficiency and a more reliable return on investment — without third-party mediation.

That’s where the BuildCoin Foundation comes in. Based in Zug, Switzerland, Buildcoin is a market for global infrastructure information, financial products and subject matter expertise to streamline processes and help provide infrastructure funding and transparent construction project management.

What sets BuildCoin apart from anyone else in their field is the fact that they use a native cryptocurrency (BuildCoin) to provide funding for infrastructure feasibility studies to accelerate development.

At its core, BuildCoin is simply a blockchain-enabled construction solution designed to offer both transparency and immutability, process integrity and disintermediation, lower costs and faster transactions, and access to high-quality data to everyone.

Forget about the fact that BuildCoin can reduce invoice costs by up to 25% by using blockchain. Forget about the fact that you can save up to 40% on overall costs and save time with faster transactions.

What really blew me away about hearing about the BuildCoin foundation was the fact that they managed to harness the power of crypto and channel into something truly good.

BuildCoin operates with a focus on transparency and immutability. Since they’re a shared database, information is always available to all parties involved in a transaction with an emphasis on maximum transparency. The immutability of that data makes it even more reliable because once the data is created, it can’t be deleted or altered in any way.

They also put a heavy emphasis on process integrity and disintermediation. In other words, the parties involved in any transaction will know that everything will be done exactly as agreed upon protocol dictates. The fact that the data is both readily available and trustworthy effectively eliminates the need for intermediation by a third party.

Plus, if you know anything about the way blockchain and cryptocurrency works, you know that BuildCoin can cut both the overall transaction cost and wait times significantly, with no overhead costs of exchanging assets or involvement of any third-party intermediaries.

All of this adds up to one thing: an incredibly powerful force for good on a global scale. That’s the kind of crypto market I want to be a part of.

Which industries do you think the blockchain community is best suited for when it comes to doing good in the world?

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