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Dusk Foundation launches Dusk Network, a decentralized communication infrastructure that enables the secure transmission of data.

Eseandre Mordi



Information control has been a highly sought after mission of countless organizations and governments in history. With a hand on what gets to be public knowledge and what remains locked up and known only to a few key persons, nations have been kept under the control of authoritarian governments. Similarly, if a piece of information that the regime deems a threat to the state or the working of the government may be heavily censored.

The piece of information that is being suppressed goes against every basic human freedom of speech and information. People over the years have always fought for transferring the knowledge and information to intended people, even with fatal retaliation from authorities. At first, it was lore and tales, then came the age of paper and books. Thousands were burnt by religious and establishments. In today’s age, the internet has helped people to instantly share information and news to others- even half a world away.

Censorship In The Modern Age

With the world now heavily dependent on the internet to disseminate information regarding crucial developments and information such as disasters, cruel regimes, human rights violation, wars etc., governments find it very easy to control the information going in and out of its borders by censoring specific protocols, websites and services. This effectively means that people cannot access services that would otherwise let them transfer information, or receive crucial one.

Countries like North Korea even have a blanket censorship program, where the world does not even know what is going inside the secretive country. Human rights violation, famine, cruel laws, crackdown on people, an aggressive state police authority and much more information is not known to the world.

Dusk Foundation: Bypassing Censorship

Dusk Foundation is a blockchain platform that has been specifically designed to help people exchange information with others in a discreet manner where authorities cannot intercept or censor it. Apart from the information itself, the parties involved – the sender and the receiver, are also hidden. No one knows who sent the information and who received it.

The information and the parties use blockchain technology, which gives them:

  • Stealth Addresses: Users will have an address that does not directly link to their wallets. This added layer of public address would mean that were someone to try to locate the wallet user’s location, they would not be able to. The top layer address, the stealth one, would leave no trace connecting it to the original wallets. Thus, no one would know who received the information.
  • RingCT Signature: Similarly, to the stealth addresses, senders would be using Dusk Foundation’s RingCT Signature technology, ensuring that the sender is as safe as the receiver is. Now with the receiver and the sender completely anonymous, no authority can trace any of the parties, making the users safe.
  • Anonymous Network Layer: With the anonymous network layer, the sender and reviver’s IP addresses are obfuscated. This means that apart from hidden identities, the IP addresses, which can essentially be used to locate the physical presence of the people involved, is hidden. As such, the users are completely untraceable with this.
  • Non-Interactive Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme: Apart from the users, the identities of the network ledger operators is also a priority. With a secret protocol of registering the transfers on the network on ledgers, the platform uses a technology that allows node operators to note down the transaction, without interacting with the users or the information involved. They would have no idea who the parties are, or what the information is. At the same time, the node operator will be completely anonymous from the blockchain, keeping him as safe as the users.
  • Cryptographically Committed Provisionals: With block generators that need to communicate between themselves to ensure data is synced, there needs to be a highly encrypted communication. This is the most crucial part of the completely anonymous platform since these nodes will be constantly in communication and need to be protected from prying eyes at the highest state of alert. Any compromise in data sharing between them would mean a cascade failure of the whole system.

Other advantages of the platform are direct descendants of the blockchain technology, such as:

  • Always on system: With so many block generators, there will always be someone to note down the transaction.
  • Multiple ledgers in a decentralized manner: Users’ data, along with being highly encrypted, will be backed up so there is no chance of data loss.
  • Dusk Token: Using a native token that can instantly be transferred, users will be able to incentivize block generators to note their data transfer.

The Dusk Foundation has a unique plan that would see the true potential of decentralized technology such as blockchain being used for the betterment of humanity. With it, freedom of information will be truly achieved and as the platform would expand, the worldwide use would mean that no authority of any nation would be able to suppress any kind of information.

For more information, please visit the Dusk website:

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