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How Clintex is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Eseandre Mordi



The healthcare sector has in recent times witnessed the presence of a few clinical analytics. While all these data analytics platforms have helped to better the healthcare industry one way the other, they almost do it the same way. It is in this light, that Clintex was established to be a platform with a difference with is Clinical trials intelligence platform. One that is powered by the blockchain to provide the best and most effective analytical services for clinical trials. With a clear roadmap, an Intelligent and passion-driven team of experts, Clintex is gradually solving a problem facing Clinical trials.

Clintex is transforming the healthcare sector and has been made possible and easy due to the CTi solution of the platform.

How Does The Clintex CTi Solution Work?

CTi is a distributed ledger that primarily enhances clinical trials. It is able to do this effectively through strong partnership with many notable pharmaceutical brands and companies. This way the platform is able to explore and exploits several opportunities that will enhance the healthcare industry. This distributed ledger brings about decentralization and makes use of data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence effectively. This is what makes the platform very much different from any other type similar to it.

Clintex through its CTi distributed ledger has transformed the healthcare sector in a number of ways some of which includes:

It Facilitates The Medical Market

Through its decentralized process, Clintex is gradually eliminating the services of middlemen and ensuring that medicines are delivered quickly to patients at affordable prices. This is also having an impact on the market value has it is improving faster than it used to be.

Creating a More Technology-driven Healthcare Industry

The platform makes use of advanced technological features like machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics to improve the quality of clinical trials. This way the platform is able to create an enabling environment where sponsors interact with one another and users are able to share with themselves vital information.

Provides The Health Industry With Risk Management Strategies

With its series of dApps, Clintex is able to spot possible risk that patients can be exposed to, and take all possible steps to notify the pharmaceutical companies it partners with to take steps to control such risk. It provides to these pharmaceutical companies certain risk management strategies to check potential risk spotted.

Creating An Effective and Secured Clinical Ecosystem

As a platform powered by the blockchain, Clintex is gradually creating a clinical ecosystem not just characterized by the security of clinical trials alone, but one that guarantees every user on the platform some level of privacy and transparency of data and information made available on the platform.

Clintex as a platform is introducing several timely innovations that is positively transforming the healthcare industry. With enhanced machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics, Clintex is creating a more enhanced, effective and transparent clinical ecosystem where everyone thrives with the security of their data and information in place as well as their privacy ascertained. In this ecosystem, decision making is speedy, resources are well utilized and there’s is speed in medical transactions with patients.

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