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How Digitizecoin is Creating more Use Cases for Blockchain Technology

Eseandre Mordi



Blockchain technology has over the years had remarkably influence on different areas of life on a global scale. One of the contributing factors to the sudden boom of the blockchain technology is the fact that it has been able to incorporate real-world applications into its system of operation. However, if the blockchain technology is going to stand the test of time, it has to expand to include many other real-world applications, and that’s exactly Digitizecoin has done.

Digitizecoin : Turning Your Loose Change to Cryptocurrency

The reality is, nobody really fancies having loose change. Whether it’s jingling around in your pocket as you move around or its occupying way too much space in your wallet, it’s just a thorn in the back everyone has to live with because it doesn’t really make any sense throwing them away, it just might come in handy when you least expect it.

Digitize is here to help you deal with the stress of holding on that loose change in the form of cryptocurrency. How? With Digitize you can easily save whatever change you have at the point of transaction in your own digital wallet, and convert it to other cryptocurrencies, which you can later decide to use for future payments or loyalty programs. This loose change is converted into the Digitize currency and can be accessed anytime. Great, right?

The Digitizecoin Token ICO

Backed by a team of exceptional individuals, the Digitizecoin ICO pre-sale will start in the first quarter of 2018. The symbol for the Digitize token is DTZ and will have an initial value of 1 DTZ = 0.0002 ETH. DTZ has a pre-sale soft cap of 600 ETH, and a total Token supply of 200,000,000 DTZ which amounts to 40,000 ETH.

Benefits of the DigitizeCoin

One reason why the Digitize platform is the much needed push for the Blockchain technology is that it not only benefits consumers, but its advantages span out to include retailers and the economy as a whole. So first, what are its benefits to consumers?

  • It offers consumers seamless and simple way to purchase and exchange cryptocurrencies.
  • Provides a digital wallet where loose change can be stored
  • Eliminates the frustration that comes with not knowing what to do with loose change
  • Gives consumers a medium for instant payment, and also gets them program rewards when they make a purchase

Those are some of the platforms benefits to consumers, but what do retailers stand to gain from the platform?

  • An increased consumer demand
  • Retailers get a percentage from the transaction fee when there is cash deposit for digital currencies
  • Get rids of the need to transact and hold loose change
  • Just like with consumers, it also gives them program rewards with an instant payment solution

As earlier mentioned, the entire economy stands to gain from Digitize coin. In what way? It reduces the cost of producing fiat currencies, and also reduces the dependence on these fiat currencies.


The Digitize platform is easy to use and setup. All users need is a mobile device and that’s all – they have finally found a way to store and use loose change seamlessly. They can buy, sell, and even exchange this loose change for products and services, and even other cryptocurrencies.

When the time comes for governments all over the globe to digitize their fiat currencies so they can secure, circulate, and reduce the cost of creating these currencies, Digitize will definitely be at the forefront and will stand as a medium for a global loose change.


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