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Investing in Shipping Containers, Blockshipping is What you need.

Eseandre Mordi



Shipping is a massive business sector that transfers much of the world’s trade. Within it, the container shipping accounts for roughly 60% of all the sea-based trading done. With such a big number, one is led to believe that high efficiencies are the only way for this to grow that big.

Yet, that is not the scene. Within the container shipping sector, these efficiencies are due to many factors, the major being multiple container registry systems that are not connected, overcapacity and a low number of containers (leading to overbooking) and environmental regulations.

The modern shipping industry has utilized a lot of technology and management systems to update it, but in essence, it operates the same way it did decades earlier. The industry has seen only upgradations in its working, processes that support the old model to work fast. The need of the hour is a revolution, that will change how the container industry works.

Global Shipping Container Platform

GSCP is a blockchain based, decentralized container registry systems that aims to revolutionize how the industry works. The current industry situation is that it has more than 27 million freight contractors all over the world, with each having its own registry, making it near impossible to smooth out the process of assigning and renting containers to shippers, ships and other port facilitators.

GSCP harnesses blockchain to ensure that there will be the need of only one registry that will contain total information regarding containers, such as current ship they are on, location, port of call, expected time of arrival. Not only that, GSCP will also help in contracts and transfer of money between shippers.

GSCP aims to become the leading data aggregator and facilitator by:

  • Becoming the main platform for all operational clearances.
  • At least 60% market share by 2022.
  • Real time tracking through GPS and IoT.
  • Data analysis and further monetization through algorithm learning.


The platform will run two tokens. CPT will be the internal token, much more like a pure utility one. It will act as a unit of value and will be transferred between shippers and other entities for monetary exchange. To keep the value stable and not destabilize the economics of the platform, GSCP has created an external token, The CCC. Sales proceeds and rising value of CCC will be utilized for the development of the platform.

The CCC will be available for investors on 14th May, when its ICO kicks off, for one month. During this, 42.5 million CCC will be available at a rate of $0.62 per CCC.

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