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Blockshipping : Blockchain Powered Global Shared Container Platform

Eseandre Mordi



The world is currently undergoing a digital transformation which will see a gradual but definite restructuring of nearly every aspect of our lives to suit technological advancements. One of such technologies is the blockchain – the blockchain technology has come a long way since its foremost integration in Bitcoin to spark a revolution of its own. From banking to real estates to healthcare to education to sports to commerce, the blockchain is a disruptive force to be reckoned with. Now, the blockchain has found it’s way to the shipping industry in the form of Blockshipping.

Introduction to Blockshipping

Blockshipping is the framework behind the Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP), a platform created to revolutionise the shipping industry by providing solutions that will dissolve the inefficiencies of the industry. Blockshipping is the brainchild of Peter Ludvigsen, who also happens to be the CEO of the company. Christian Gybtelberg and Jesper Vedelsby joined the founder as COO and CTO respectively, a trio with an impressive level of experience in the shipping industry. The company headquartered in Denmark, will provide a real-time registry of about the 27 million shipping containers across the world, the first of such in the industry. GSCP will ultimately be the assemblage point for all the shipping companies in the registry as well.

Benefits of Blockshipping to the Shipping Industry

Blockshipping’s GSCP is an original and premier concept in container and cargo shipping. The platform is packed with a lot of potentials and uses some of which include;

  • The GSCP will serve as the world’s first ever global inventory of containers providing real-time and location information on every single container anywhere in the world, at any time.
  • The GSCP will enable the global shipping industry save about $5 billion USD on shipping costs yearly
    through more efficient management of intermodal freight containers.
  • Global CO2 emission will be reduced by as much as 4.6 million tons with the intervention of GSCP, adopted and utilized.

Introduction to Blockshipping tokens

An analysis of the performance of utility tokens in the market made it obvious that an increase in the market value of a token invalidates it for the purpose for which it was originally created for – use on the platform. This research necessitated the need for Blockshipping to create two different tokens;

  • The internal utility Container Platform Token (CPT)
  • The external dividend Container Crypto Coin (CCC)

CPT will see to the clearing and settlement of transactions between the users of the platform. These transactions include but are not limited to capital purchase, terminal and depot handling costs, container exchange fees etc. CCC will be the tradable external token on public cryptocurrency exchanges.

The internal token CPT will help boost the market value of CCC using a distribution structure where a percentage of the revenue generated from CPT-enabled transactions is transferred to a Revenue Share Pool. The funds so transferred are subsequently reallocated to CCC token holders every month based on an Ethereum blockchain protocol.

ICO of Blockshipping’s GSCP tokens

GSCP offers a set of unique token features including a Money Marker Fund which will allow token holders of CCC to re-sale their tokens back to the company at a floor price within a stipulated amount of time. This is the first ever ICO to be based on the new Danish framework for ICOs called the ICO 2.0 Framework. The pre-sale ICO of CCC tokens started on 1st of March 2018 and ended on the 20th of March 2018, 6 days after the originally scheduled closing date due to the popularity the presale amassed. The main ICO will begin on May 14th and will be closed on June 14th. A total issuance amount of 50 million CCC was created by the team, the tokens were shared like;

  • 70% (42.5 million CCC) – Main ICO
  • 10% (7.5 million CCC) – Pre sale
  • 10% (7.5 million CCC) – Advisors, media and partners
  • 5% (2.5 million CCC) – Founders
  • 5% (2.5 million CCC) – Bonus program

The tokens will be sold at 0.62 USD to 1 CCC with a hard cap of 24.5 million USD. Accepted currencies in the upcoming token sale are BTC, ETH and USD.

In 2020, the company is expected to become a fully profitable venture. Until then, the team is focused on developing the GSCP prototype for a test run before the real version hits the market.

Check out the website for detailed information on the platform: 

Join the Telegram Community:

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