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What is Spring Role?

Eseandre Mordi



SpringRole is a professional platform where people can share, view and get credits on their professional profile. A user’s profile will contain their work experience, educational qualifications and skillets. The companies and universities involved in the credits will be able to verify each user skill set on the blockchain platform.

SpringRole is a platform where people’s skill reputations are being crowdsourced. Each user skills are weighted according to their skill levels.  SpringRole is built on the blockchain platform and uses smart contracts to verify each user’s reputation and work experience. SpringRole is the first work portfolio that relies on the blockchain platform.

How SpringRole Works

Users will be able to earn token rewards. SpringRole is the go-to hiring source for companies and entrepreneurs. It is a platform for Job seekers to create a CV and place it on the blockchain platform that can be accessed by other users on the platform.

Users will be able to create a profile with their academic qualifications such as their professional experience, proven skills, and diplomas. Users can also apply for a job opening that matches their professional qualifications and skills set. The educational institution verifies each user work experience and education qualifications. The user can only change the data with confirmation from the receiver after endorsement

Users will able to get endorsements outside of their network. Users will receive rewards for proper endorsements.

The reputation networks utilize artificial intelligence to make recruiting easy for employers. Employers can list their job role on the platform while the artificial intelligence searches for the best candidate for each job role.

How Spring Role Began

Spring role began because they saw the need to put an end to the unfair hiring process and recruitment. The current system of hiring staffs prevents qualified candidates from getting hired and prevents companies from hiring the best talent available for each role.

Data shows that most of the jobs are filled through a small network and that most job application contains inaccurate information.

Who Invented Spring Role?

Kartik Mandaville is the inventor of Spring Role. He is also the technical advisor for the science blockchain. He stated that they are honoured to work with a team of business builders who have established successful businesses like hello Society, Dollar Shave Club and Mammoth Media.

Investing in Spring Role

Spring Tokens are used by investors on the platform. The token is an Ethereum ERC20 Token. Users will be able to earn spring role tokens by referring institutions and individuals to the community; users will also be able to earn Spring Role token by endorsing a user’s skill set when they submit their institutional profile for validation.  Each member that registers on the platform will receive 100 spring tokens.

Risks of Investing in Spring Role

The risk involved with investing with spring tokens is losing access to the tokens due to the loss of the private keys. Other risks include the Risk of mining attacks, Risk of security weakness, Risk arising from cryptography, and the risk from funding in Bitcoins or Ethereum.





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