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Kingsland University School of Blockchain Partners with Tezos Foundation at NASDAQ

Eseandre Mordi



The most important factor in any new technology to succeed is its overall adoption. However, there is one step even before adoption that creates the basis for success: Skilled professionals and trained personnel in the industry.

Blockchain technology, made famous by bitcoin, is a technology that has been adopted by millions of people around the world. With billions of dollars in the industry today, one may argue that it is already a success. However, with the technology still comparable to what was the internet in the early 90s, it still has a long way to go before being a true success. For it, more professionals are needed in the decentralized industry.

Kingsland University and Blockchain

Kingsland University a very unique institute that has designed itself to cater for the digital age. An “Educ-Tech” university, its courses are geared software developers. The university also has a dedicated blockchain developer training program. It is the world’s first accredited course in the decentralized technology and is aimed for software developers who are interested in learning how to code for the distributed ledger technology.

The university offers a multiple format course. With decentralized technology as the core, students can select any of the hybrid online, micro intensive and the full immersion class.

Present At Nasdaq

With blockchain technology making rapid advances in financial sectors across the globe, even Nasdaq has started taking it seriously. It recently hosted a Crypto Summit in New York, where blockchain and cryptocurrency experts were present from all around the world. Co founder Kingsland University, Jason King was also present in the summit and even addressed the audience.

The blockchain adoption rate at enterprise and government levels is growing extremely fast—expanding its footprint globally across multiple industries and economic sectors,” He said to the audience, “Blockchain has the power to transform the way the world does business and reshape world economies. But the sector faces some critical challenges in terms of adoption, regulation, and capacity.”

The presence of Jason King at such an important time in Wall Street, especially when the financial hub has shown signs of coming in terms with the importance and benefits of blockchain, clearly shows how important educating developers in the technology is.

Kingsland Teaming With Tezos Foundation

Kingsland, in its aim of bringing professionals into the decentralized industry, announced during the summit of its partnership with Tezos Foundation. Tezos, a truly decentralized proof of stake platform where users take active participation in the development and direction it takes. The Tezos Foundation had recently announced a thousand grants to train Tezos oriented developers. The partnership with Kingsland logically helps the Foundation through its core training programs and services.

CEO Kingsland, John Souza, said on this occasion, “The Tezos Foundation is truly committed to growing the ecosystem to support a more equitable and exciting global future. The Kingsland-Tezos Foundation partnership highlights the importance of industry-aligned training curricula and addresses the critical shortage of developers in the space. Working together we will ensure a future for blockchain and create thousands of career opportunities for developers around the world.”

Kingsland has a demonstrated track record of delivering high-quality, work-ready blockchain development programs and we’re excited to work with them to support the long-term success of the Tezos ecosystem,” Ryan Jesperson, President of the Tezos Foundation said about the partnership, “We believe that the new wave of 1,000 developers that are being trained in 2019 will help Tezos’ robust ecosystem continue to grow and gain adoption.”

Collaboration of the two industry giants will see the education institute help Tezos developers in honing their programming skills. The partnership also means world wide events such as hackathons and further courses offered to more financial oriented people interested in blockchain technology. Tezos will help the institute by offering a part of it scholarship programs to deserving university applicants. Successful students of the courses will be supported by Kingsland by strategically placing them in jobs that will not only allow Tezos to grow, the industry overall.

The net result is an industry wide benefit that will see hundreds, perhaps thousands of people learning how to code for the decentralized technology. This will create a pool of professionals that would help advance the technology and develop more stable and secure platforms. The collective effect will be a mature technology with professionals backing it- the true formula of success.

Kingsland and Tezos Foundation will be launching the engineering courses next year. The application process is however, open and interested people can visit the Kingsland University to register.

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