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Manage Crypto Tokens Easily for more Profit with ICONIQ’s Ecosystem

Eseandre Mordi



Cryptocurrencies, appealing as they are, are still a nightmare for investors. The very high gains come with the same level of uncertainty. Meteoric rise have also meant big crashes. The most famous example is the end of 2017, where bitcoin rose from a few thousand dollars’ worth to an unprecedented USD 20,000. The extreme rise was seen by an equally big dive only a few weeks later.

In this kind of scenario, where hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment can be lost, ICONIQ emerges as an investment platform that creates an atmosphere where the risks are substantially lowered. This allows for bigger investments and creating a more stable opportunity for backers.

ICONIQ’s Ecosystem

Through a clever mix of practices, the platform creates an ecosystem that sustains the value of investments. This is done through three of its major components:

  • ICONIQ Lab

ICONIQ Lab is an Accelerator Program that acts is a venture capital form dedicated to the blockchain industry. The company offers wide and extensive investment opportunities to investors. Each blockchain and project are handpicked, keeping into account the team, the vision of the project, its feasibility and the chances of success. The ICONIQ Lab has been named one of the top 3 accelerator programs in Germany due to its successes.

ICONIQ Lab offers its investors:

  • Decentralized VC Investor Club: Through its membership, investors are offered some of the most promising ventures, which are powered by the accelerator program itself. Exclusive access to ICOs, sales and special discounts are a regular feature.
  • Corporate Consulting: The Lab offers small and large corporations, from SMEs to fortune 500 companies, a holistic blockchain and tokens sales consulting that incorporates few of the best practices in the industry.
  • Accelerator Program: In the last few years, the main objective of ICOs has been to raise funds for their projects. ICONIQ selects the ones with the best in terms of the objectives and real world cases, along with the best case raise of token value. Selected startup are issued with financing and guidance needed to make their platforms a success.
  • Security Tokens: With the rise of tighter regulations and security tokens on the rise, ICONIQ Lab believes this is the future. ICONIQ Lab also has plans for launching security tokens and make it available to investors. As such, it is already in talks with European and USA authorities for the appropriate licenses.
  • ICONIQ Funds

The other aspect of the ecosystem is the ICONIQ Funds. This subsidiary is a portfolio manager. The Fund offers investors the chance to diversify their investments in cryptocurrencies through professionally managed digital asset index funds, such as ETFs, ETNs and PIFs.

So far, the ICONIQ Funds has done the following:

  • Maltese PIF: ICONIQ Funds will launch its first fund, a Professional Investment Fund through Malta. PIF is an open fund, permitted to have up to EUR 100 million in its investment and only certified professional investors are allowed to take part in it.
  • BITA Partnership: Through collaboration with a top of the line digital index company, BITA, ICONIQ Funds will be able to provide investors with an enterprise grade index to ensure that the feed reflects current market prices, giving a better overview and more reliable information to investors.
  • Asset Management as a Service: AMaaS will allow external digital asset managers to take part in the trading ecosystem, lowering the barriers to entering and allowing portfolio managers to run their own asset funds. The services will be secure and follow strict rules to ensure no fraudulent activities are done.
  • ICNQ Holding

The third element of the ecosystem is the value driver of the whole platform: the ICNQ Holding. This is the central and crucial part of the whole ecosystem as it has the basic element through which all investments and funds will be transacted: The ICNQ token. The token, acts not only as a medium of exchange, but offers a variety of services:

  • Stabilizing Value: Through quarterly burning, 10% of all tokens redeemed will be destroyed, ensuring that the supply dwindles and the value of the token rises.
  • Reselling: At the same time the token supply is limited, redeemed tokens that are not destroyed will be resold into the market at a steady pace to ensure volatility does not happen.
  • Loyalty Programs: Holders of the ICNQ tokens will be given access to exclusive discounts and rewards.
  • Presales and Discounts: Holders of the tokens will  be given discounts and early access to ICOs.
  • Fund Management Fee: Using the tokens as a medium of exchange, fund managers will be paid through the ICNQ token, further increasing demand.

Through its three elements, the Digital Asset Management Ecosystem creates an atmosphere where the investors funds are secured, diversified and give the same level of security as found in traditional trading and investments.


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