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MediBloc is One Blockchain Project to Lookout for, the Team and Strategic Partnerships have a lot to say.

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A platform that offers a decentralized approach towards healthcare, MediBloc offers the best of blockchain to make lives healthier and better. By bringing down the walls of isolation and creating an atmosphere of patient confidence in not only the ownership of their electronic health records but allowing doctors around the world a quicker, easier and faster access to their history gives the practitioners the ability to make a better diagnosis.

Apart from this, MediBloc also allows health professionals to interact with each other to get a better understanding of issues faced by their patients, connecting with allied facilities such as insurances and medication companies to give an overall better experience to patients and professionals.

Team Behind MediBloc

The MediBloc platform was conceived by Dr. Allen Wookyun Kho and Dr. Eunsel Lee. Both have medical degrees and are software engineers at the same time.

Doctor Kho looks after the business development of the platform. A lead software engineer at Samsung, he has had kept a keen eye on blockchain technology since its development. Holding a medical degree in dental medicine, and Masters and a Bachelor in Computer Science, he has combined his expertise in two very different fields and fused them together in the form of the Medic Platform.

Having a similar career orientation, Dr. Lee is also a software engineer who has a medical degree and is a certified physician in biomedical informatics. As the other co-founder of MediBloc, he looks after the system architecture of the whole platform. Given his choices in career, he also has a holistic exposure to blockchain and its decentralized nature.

Both doctors have personally seen the electronic medical records failing to execute their purpose due to centralization and the silo-like nature of health records. With MediBloc, they intend to break these unnecessary bindings and bring freedom and ease of access to facilitate both medical professionals and patients alike.

Along with their professional team of experts in blockchain and other areas, the team also has a significant support from other professionals in the shape of advisors. People such as Sang Min Park, Head Professor at Department of Family Medicine in Seoul National University having years of experience in the medical field and Hyun Wook Han, Head Professor of Biomedical Informatics at CHA University give their invaluable expertise and opinion to MediBloc in creating the perfect medical data and research platform.

Other notable advisors include Seong Hun Kim, HoD from Kyung Hee University and Yu Rang Park, an assistant professor at Yeonsei University. Apart from these major medical professionals giving advice on the project and course of action to take, there are major blockchain expertise and other social influencers on the advisory board, making MediBloc a complete package.

MediBloc Partners

MediBloc understands that without strategic partners, its vision of providing quality service to patients and health professionals is not possible. In the retrospect, the platform has made some major partnerships. These include:

  • Medical Universities: Hanyang and Kyung Hee universities are the top medical and dental institutions in South Korea, creating not only excellent doctors but spearheading medical researches. With their help, the platform will not only have up to date medical database but will help doctors and other professionals in their associated hospitals to use the MediBloc platform.
  • Blockchain development platform CoinPlug’s partnership gives MediBloc the boost of confidence to other allied facilities that would eventually come on board. CoinPlug offers multiple services, such as a crypto exchange, an ID-based blockchain platform, and an online service platform. The partnership will solidify MediBloc’s position as an industry leader.
  • Everyone knows that without a strategic listing of tokens on a good exchange, even an excellent blockchain project would never see the light of day since investors and future clients would not have access to the coins that would power the platform itself. MediBloc’s partnership with Conrail means that its token will be listed on one of the best digital asset exchange in South Korea, giving the tokens the exposure to investors they deserve. This will boost the token value and enable more and more clients and service providers to join and access its services.
  • Hurray is a digital health app that allows users to keep track of their day-to-day activities and monitors their health so that it may alert them or a dedicated medical professional if there is some anomaly. The partnership with the health app gives both side users to an array of services and a larger pool to collect data form research purposes.
  • Wearable technology provider WeltCorp offers a smart belt that continuously monitors the health of its wearer, gives alerts in case the user is not in a good state of health and advises to take some physical exercise.
  • A partnership with digital insurance company PolicyPal means MediBloc users will be able to take out health policies with the ease of simply touching their mobile screens. The insurance platform gives faster and easier policies that are user-friendly.
  • Recently, MediBloc announced on TechBullion that they will be working together with the National Information Society Agency(NIA); a quasi-government agency under the Ministry of Science and ICT in South Korea, making MediBloc, the first government-funded blockchain project in South Korea and the world’s first government-funded project that allows the health data transfer between big hospitals using blockchain-based personal health record platform.

For more information, visit the MediBloc website on:

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