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Meet Piper Moretti, founder and CEO of The Crypto Realty Group and Top Influential Woman in Blockchain

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Even with the hype of cryptocurrencies never ending, the digital money still faces many problems when it comes to mainstream uses. Technical as they are, cryptos have a lot of potentials to be used in real-world applications. One of such example is The Crypto Realty Group; a real estate company that helps people buy and sell properties with cryptocurrency.

Based in Los Angeles, the firm specializes in conducting real estate transactions with blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. A first of its kind, the company has made big sales and is proving that digital money can be (and is) mature enough for ordinary financial transactions.

Piper Moretti, The Woman Behind It All

Piper Moretti is the founder and CEO of The Crypto Realty Group. A professional real estate agent, she has a wealth of experience in buying and selling luxury properties, she made her first sale nearly 2 years back when a client requested to purchase a house with bitcoin. After a bit of study into cryptocurrencies, she accepted the offer and made the first bitcoin real estate transaction in Southern California.

Over the years, Piper Moretti has been an active member of the blockchain world, speaking at major conferences and gatherings, promoting the use of cryptocurrencies in real life. Her appearance and articles have been featured in major publications such as Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Commercial Observer and Business Insider. As a woman, she breaks the nerd/geek stereotype that afflicts the technical scene and proves that women are no less than men are. Such is her participation in the blockchain industry that she has been ranked number 1 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of 8 Influential Women Making Headline in Blockchain and Forbe’s Top Influential Woman in Blockchain.

How She Made it Big

After her first real estate deal with cryptocurrency, Piper found the digital money fascinating. The ease and speed of the transaction simply outpaced the slow and cumbersome transactional process of fiat. Last year, she made a new record by selling five, multi-million properties using bitcoin as a medium of exchange.

Working at Christie’s International Luxury Real Estate as a licensed luxury realtor, Piper Moretti went on to create The Crypto Realty Group, a luxury real estate firm that specializes in selling and buying properties using cryptocurrencies.

Moretti, in her study of cryptos, understood the volatile nature of decentralized digital money and the problems associated with fixed value assets being quoted or traded in them. Any estate that her company sells, is listed in USD or equivalent fiat on the platform. If a customer asks for a quote in bitcoin, the firm provides that as an estimate, rather than a fixed value.


Another problem for Moretti and her firm is that due to the nature of blockchain, once a transaction is done, it cannot be reversed. Furthermore, there are no banks involved, so the issue of an intermediary who can guarantee safe money exchange on both sides is not possible. To solve this problem, Piper has teamed up with a crypto escrow company in Southern California. Once a buyer agrees to purchase a property using cryptocurrency, the deposit is made to the escrow and The Crypto Realty Group then proceeds to complete the paperwork and when it is done, the escrow company releases the cryptocurrency to the firm.

Piper Moretti, as a leader in the cryptocurrency real estate industry, understands the nascent industry needs all the help it can get. In regard to this, she has partnered with a couple of organizations to further their cause. One of the companies is Block66, a decentralized company that puts mortgages lending on the blockchain. This allows for instant matches of lenders and people looking for a property. The very nature of blockchain makes the process far more simple, easier and faster than people actually heading to a bank for mortgages. With decentralized ledger technologies being transparent, all parties are assured of the highest level of clarity in financial transaction and agreements.

The other partnership is with CPROP, another decentralized organization that is actually shifting the whole real estate industry to the blockchain. They provide smart contract escrow, digitally verified documents, tokenized deeds and a complete end-to-end transparency in all deals.

How Moretti and Her Company is Helping The Community

Piper Moretti uses her fame at different conferences and gatherings, real estate and blockchain events, to show the world how a simple woman armed with an idea can change the landscape of an industry. She promotes the use of cryptocurrencies in real life.

Along with that, her platform has a number of training videos available for crypto newbies. 5% of the video sale proceeds go to charity for the homeless.

Piper Moretti, is a symbol of hope and influence to women all around the world that anyone can achieve their dreams in the technology industry, without being a tech guru.

Find Piper Moretti on The Crypto Realty Group’s Website:

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