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$PAC – Driving Compliance In Crypto: $PAC Appoints Sean Ridgley – Compliance Officer

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$PAC announced the appointment of Sean Ridgley to the role of Compliance Officer. With extensive experience in corporate trade compliance spanning nearly two decades, Sean brings valuable knowledge to $PAC’s executive team as anticipation of  increased regulation grows across the crypto sphere.

Sean entered the field of trade compliance in 2001 and has worked with multiple leading corporations including Sony, Ford and Thermo-Fisher Scientific. Since 2007 Sean has acted as a Consultant and Export Manager for a major Florida based firm, where he initiated and continues to maintain their compliance department.

Sean retains deep relationships within the industry across an array of regulatory divisions. Over the past five years, Sean chose to specialize in encryption licensing and classification as it becomes an increasingly important subject worldwide. His interest in cryptocurrency represents a cross section of encryption technology and international compliance issues.

Sean Ridgley Commented:

“With so many innovative and ambitious projects working to push the boundaries of what digital assets are capable of, world governments are already reacting, creating new fields of regulation that may overturn even the largest digital asset group. As a result, over the next two years cryptocurrency is going to undergo a number of fundamental changes as the larger world begins to recognize what this new technology will bring. $PAC has shown that they are forward thinking and have tasked me with helping them navigate this confusing and even contradictory environment. I am excited and thrilled to be able to work with such a diverse and dedicated group of individuals and look forward to growing with $PAC as it continues to set ambitious goals, one after another.”

$PAC is a unique hybrid digital asset that combines the world’s third largest masternode network complimented by an ever-growing vibrant community. These two networks synergize to provide a strong foundation for all $PAC’s future projects which will enable $PAC to be the world’s leading mass use crypto currency.

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$PAC is the successor of PAC coin (PACcoin) via a community rebrand and relaunch.

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