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Reasons why Cryptocurrency is the best Investment Vehicle

Eseandre Mordi



The emergence and growth of digital currency in the global money markets has generated mixed reactions among investors, observers, financial experts, and re-known personalities. The demand for the various versions of cryptocurrencyies is not been affected by these opinions. The performance of Bitcoin has generated huge demand for long-term investment among other cryptocurrencies with lower initial value. In comparison to other investments in the money markets like commodities, futures, and denominations, there are reasons pointing at cryptocurrency being the best investment vehicle.

1) Overall trend: of all the top 20 performing cryptocurrencies in the market, none has registered negative growth. Growth is always the biggest subject every investor wants to know in relation to an investment item on the table. Just like traditional stocks and other related investments, there are growth, stagnation and backward correction phases among cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle. The growth associated with cryptocurrency is higher than traditional investment vehicles like treasury bills, stock market, and shares. The significance of this aspect is that it qualifies the choice as the best bet to get good returns on investment. The other options in the money markets often exhibit slower growth rates and that translates to poor value for money from investor’s point of view.

2) Adoption of the digital currency: the entry of the digital currency has gained momentum across the world. While in other countries investors are still cautious with cryptocurrency, other parts of the world like the UK, parts of Europe and Asia are adopting the new currency as a medium of trade. These actions are sure to influence the commercial acceptance of the currency and spur growth. The UK is drafting a regulation that will see massive adoption of cryptocurrency. Even though the recent Bitcoin instability is creating a huge loss of money for some people, those that invested earlier when Bitcoin was still low are still at profit. The recent fall will see big financial institutions partake in the cryptocurrency business by buying Bitcoin now that it is at a low price. Based on this development, investors should be strategic to reap fortunes when the market stabilizes. Central banks in the EU are also testing their own versions of cryptos and that is another sublime indicator that the business is a gold mine.

3) Flexibility and diversity: approved cryptocurrency brokers offer flexibility in terms of the minimum value or share equivalent based on your ability to purchase. The implication of this provision is that anyone can invest in it and continue to increase the size of their investment progressively. In addition, there are platforms in the form of android applications like Bitfinex, and Blockchain through which clients can create their accounts and manage their investment activities. These options make it easy for clients to either buy or sell their cryptocurrency version anywhere and anytime. Cryptocurrency is diverse in version and operations. Other than the numerous versions of the digital currencies, investors have the option to buy and sell in short periods or buy for longer periods to sell later.

4) Non-Time-bound: unlike other investment options like stocks and shares, which despite having good returns have a limited window of a transaction, cryptocurrency market is always open on a daily basis. This aspect gives investors the maximum time they need to carry out their research and decide on their most preferred version of cryptocurrency to invest their money. On the same breath, investors making the long-term investment can liquidate their investment when they feel the margins gained, has surpassed their expectations. Compared to shares of a company, nobody can invest unless there are a rights issues, or investors release their shares for trading. Cryptocurrency trading is continuous and that makes it a uniquely desirable choice for all investors. Cryptocurrency traders can buy at any moment, and if gains registered within the shortest period are satisfying, the can make sales on their investment.

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