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AICOSOFT will Connect Blockchain Technology and Medicine with AIOM Token

Eseandre Mordi



The blockchain technology has taken the world by storm and we have witnessed many companies coming up with various ways in which the technology can be incorporated into numerous real-world applications. Now a new company has found a way to connect the blockchain technology with Medical practises. That company is called AICOSOFT.


Founded by Markus Streicher in February 2018, AICOSOFT is a start-up that has the idea of creating an Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the sole purpose of carrying out medical analysis and research. Their main aim is to create an intelligent machine that researches diseases autonomously. According to the CEO “Founding aicosoft means a vision is getting the chance to become reality.” And that is exactly what is happening.

With the huge amount of data available out in the world right now, no one is able to filter out the relevant information. Also, there are a number of studies and research results that have been made available, coupled with the overwhelming amount of data accumulated from the many individuals going through some circumstances and diseases, and what kind of medications have been used in the past.

While all these information like personal life stories and disease courses, are indeed relevant and necessary in carrying out a thorough research on diseases, they are quite complex. This is why in the 21st century we have found ourselves unable to carryout researches without machines.


The main vision of AICOSOFT is to create a machine that can be able to collect and process a vast amount of data. They want to design and build a machine that will not just use specific results and data, but will instead use all the available data, no matter how huge they might be.

The company plans on using every information available on the internet (Big Data), and work hand-in-hand with pharmaceutical industries and foundations, as well as universities, so that at the end the Artificial Intelligence will be able to produce accurate healing techniques and methods.

How Does AICOSOFT Hope to Finance Their Operation

To finance their project, AICOSOFT has started an ICO for their ERC20 Token known as AIOM (Artificial Intelligence of Medicine), whose main usage will be to give every investor a voting right on some of the company’s decisions. In future, the AIOM Token will be used to pay for medications on various online pharmacies.

AICOSOFT has created 1 billion AIOM Tokens with no more additions. 49% of the coins will be put up for ICO and Crowdsale while the other 51% will be held on to for 3 years in order to generate profit. The profit made from the token sale will be used for the development and improvement of disease researches and the AI software.

After 5 years, AICOSOFT will sell the entire AIOM token to the community but will keep 2% of the total volume unsold and for their team members, and donate 50% of the sale out value to a children’s foundation.


Markus’s goal is to create a machine that is fast and at the same time is able to work with a huge amount of data, and he is doing just that with AICOSOFT. For more information on AICOSOFT and the AIOM token please visit or send a mail to

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