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A Review of MetaTip Cryptocurrency on Metaverse Blockchain

Eseandre Mordi



In this age of cryptocurrencies, each day heralds the launch of a new digital token that claims to be the best and aims to be the cryptocurrency leader in the future.

Some developers aim on security of the token, while some platforms rely on the power of smart contracts. There are industry specific tokens that, although can be used anywhere, are mainly designed to be utilized on its dedicated platform.


The MetaTip team realized that of all the coins and tokens whizzing around, every coin that gained a major market lacked in two major areas: the speed of transaction confirmation and the transaction cost itself.

They looked at the two market leaders, bitcoin and Ethereum and found that even with all their advantages, the lack of speed and high transaction cost keeps these (and others) from being mass adopted.

The solution was simple: a token that relied on higher speeds of transaction confirmation and extremely low cost. The result was the development of MetaTip.

MetaTip is based on Metaverse Blockchain, a distributed ledger that is faster and less resource demanding that the industry standard. The team claims that a transaction will be confirmed and completed within 10 to 40 seconds and the transaction cost is 0.0001 ETP (ETP is the Metaverse Blockchain token)

Other advantages of MetaTip and mete blockchain are:

  • Integration of Digital Identity Verification and Oracle Service Frame.
  • Decentralized services such as digital asset registration, asset exchange, ID and value intermediary.
  • Smart contracts
  • Simple mobile wallet interface.

Intended Use

MetaTip is designed for everyday use by the people. The developers hope to make it the standard form of payment for:

  • Medical Marijuana: Where traditional banks still refuse to entertain the industry.
  • Concerts and Events: Cheaper and faster sales of tickets.
  • Small Businesses: Where every cent saved counts.
  • Wealth Management: Diversification of savings.
  • Travel: The ease of renting transport or ticket through mobile.

Meta Token & ICO

As the token of value, Meta Token is designed to be simple. There will be only 100 million tokens ever made, with 95 million ever available for sale. The rest of the 5 million are in reserve for the team.

The token is in its 4th round of ICO. 10 million tokens are available to grab this time, going at a rate of 50,000 META for 1 ETH.


  • Simple plan.
  • Metaverse Blockchain based.
  • Simple mobile wallet interface.
  • Minimal token for easy adoption by the masses.
  • Fast, secure and cheap.


  • Has a lot to prove.
  • Metaverse Blockchain is still not adopted worldwide.

Join this telegram link below to participate in ICO:

Visit Metatip website for more information :

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