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Setcoin – Inserviss Global Service Marketplace is Launching a Cryptocurrency.

Crystal Moore



Inserviss is an e-commerce business that acts as a center to connect different service providers with potential clients. Through the website it operates, service providers can advertise their offerings, any special campaigns and promotional work they are willing to do. Consumers can search the listings and find the perfect service they want.


The founder of Inserviss, Igor and Elena Perepelychnaya said in an interview that they began to think about a business model that would allow service providers to connect with sellers with higher speed and lower commissions. Their eyes were set on the blockchain technology. They realized that it allowed reducing their commissions to zero and still promote investors and increase the value of their platform.


Services Exchange Token is a coin developed specifically to work on the Inserviss platform. Gone are the days when you will need to pay in fiat for your choice of service. You need to study for that French test and don’t have a tutor nearby? Jump over to Inserviss, find one, study and pay him with SETCOIN. The transactions is lightning fast and there are no commission charges!


SETCOIN uses Red Belly Blockchain Consensus, a blockchain technology that is secure, transparent and one of the fastest in the world. Compared to Bitcoin, which is limited to seven transactions a second, SETCOIN can do 56,000 a second! This version of blockchain is perfect for smaller transactions in higher volume. Transacting at the speed of light, a service provider will get his money as soon as the buyer sends it. In addition, with no commission charges, the seller gets the full amount he asked for.

The Inserviss team also has plans to extend the coin outside the platform and make it one the most convenient methods of payment in the world.


The initial coin offering starts on 1 February 2018. You can buy the coins at their cheapest rate then. As the value of the coins will increase overtime, you will be able to get more services for the same amount of coins you buy.

To buy the coins, head over to Waves DEX. There you can select SETCOIN and buy at the ICO defined rate of 1BTC to 100,000 SET. As the coin will become the only method of payment on the Inserviss platform, the ROI and the increase of value in the initial stages of the coin’s existence will be much higher than of other cryptocurrency.

In conclusion: SETCOIN has a lot of growth potential and is a well-designed coin. You definitely want to buy this coin when the ICO starts. Visit the website here –

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