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Smart Valor: The Solution For Digitized Assets Investments

Eseandre Mordi



The digital asset scene has experienced a drawback in recent times, due to a number of issues emanating from the creation and execution of its many investment openings. Usually, these issues are largely attributed to the distrust and uncertainty that have characterized cryptocurrency inclined events- a major one being the popular ICO crowdfunding.

The Smart Valor™ blockchain protocol seeks to create easy and secure access to digital value investments- such that favors the bulk of cryptocurrency investors. All of these comes through the implementation of a detailed and well drawn out roadmap, that is designed to remove most of the prevailing lapses of digital investments, as observed from the perspective of the most vulnerable investors.

What the Smart Valor protocol aims to achieve

According to the project objective, Smart Valor protocol would essentially democratize access to wealth, using the digital, decentralized technology medium. The project finds relevance for three broad categories of investors and would be suitable for both existing and new digital currency users. Smart Valor allows the diversification of investment tendencies using digital currency blockchain tools. Hence there are useful applications for non-security tokens, as well as asset-backed security tokens. This means that there is something of benefit for asset issuers, and the investors who have put in their monies to the individual projects.

One essential advantage of the Smart Valor protocol is the fact that it allows people access to less volatile investment possibilities,such as those in real estate and other property ownership ventures. This is important for many intending investors who are okay with the idea of digital assets but are concerned with the issues of unideal volatility traits.

Other stakeholders to benefit from the Smart Valor service deals are institutional investors such as hedge fundraisers, wealth managers etcetera. Asides this, the project stands as a valid opportunity for traditional investors who want to get involved in digital asset investments, in a more secure but less technical interface.

How to benefit from the company’s value creation

All service exchange as provided by the platform has been tokenized and is being powered by its native Valor Token. Asset issuers and investors would be able to carry out transaction activities between themselves and the network, using the tokens. Since agreements would be initiated and executed using smart contracts, the tokens would be the recognized payment medium which is issued out to the deserving party once the conditions have been met.

Consequently, Smart Valor has slated a one-time token sale event, where intending investors would be allowed to opt in on the wide range of investment opportunities packed in on the platform. The ICO is expected to run from October 1st, 2018 till December the 31st. During the sales, 45 million Valor tokens would be distributed to investors, where they are allowed to make payments using either of the bitcoin, ethereum, or any accepted fiat currency.

Considering the Smart Valor™project and business roadmaps, digital investment providers and investors are assured of enormous benefits. Asides the fact that they would be having a more secure solution to digital investments, they would also be profiting from value appreciation on their acquired Valor tokens.

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