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TaTaTu (TTU) – The Next Big Thing to Hit the Entertainment Industry

Eseandre Mordi



In a bid to compensate content creators and advertisers, TaTaTu launched a blockchain based social entertainment enterprise known as the TaTau platform. Since its launch, TaTaTu has received excellent reviews and support from well-known establishments and cryptocurrency investment firms including BlockTower Capital and Lyna Capital. Noteworthy individuals and celebrities like Prince Felix of Luxembourg, one of the early supporters of TaTaTu, and Lady Monika Bacardi who was the first to purchase TTU Tokens have also pledged their support for the TaTaTu project.

TaTaTu is a blockchain oriented entertainment and social media platform focused on promoting the consumption of content, rewarding users and empowering advertisers. This is achieved through a system which offers incentives in the form of digital tokens (TTU) for views generated by posters and their friends. By combining top-tier features from major VOD platforms and social media, TaTaTu has been able to develop an ingenious system for compensating its users through the TTU tokens.

Currently, the TTU tokens sit at $0.398267 USD on CoinMarketCap; however, future projections indicate that the cryptocurrency — TTU will see an exponential rise in the years to come. This inevitable appreciation in value can be attributed to a number of factors:

Growing Popularity of Blockchain Technology: Blockchain has moved from the realm of “buzzword” to industry disruptor. Blockchain-based innovations are penetrating nearly every sector, and the entertainment industry is not an exception. TaTaTu (TTU) is bringing core blockchain principles to the entertainment industry and will leverage the growing popularity of this emerging technology to establish itself as a sustainable brand and the official digital currency for the entertainment industry.

User Growth & Adoption: since its alpha testing mode in May 2018, TaTaTu has seen the successful registration of 200,000 beta testers eager to use the platform/app when it enters the beta launch mode. Additionally, based on data extrapolations, experts are predicting a growth of over 2 million users by 2019. This is just the tip of the iceberg; there is no doubt that TaTaTu’s attractive offering will continue to draw in more users, boosting its growth and adoption over the years.

Cryptocurrency Market Growth:  During the crypto boom in 2017, the crypto market as a whole saw astonishing growth rates of over 1,400%. Although this growth has slowed down, experts are predicting the trend will continue as news of favorable regulation, increased adoption and the coming of institutional investors like JP Morgan permeate the crypto space. TTU will greatly benefit from this positive energy and will see incredible price gains over the next couple of years.

Surge in Social Media Usage: Studies have shown that 1 million people join social networks every day, with this figure it becomes evident that social media isn’t disappearing anytime soon. With the Tatatu platform offering innovative ideas and new ways for publishers and content providers to use social media, widespread adoption of TTU tokens will take place in the next few years.

Taking all these factors into consideration, TTU could see a price growth from £5 in June 2018 to $10 in December 2018 to $25 by the end of 2020 and over $50 by the end of 2021.

The TaTaTu platform brings many other merits to the table including a specialized system for curbing piracy which has long been the bane of the entertainment industry. By monetizing every aspect of content on the platform, TaTaTu puts an end to the menace of piracy once and for all. The platform also integrates decentralized governance into its functionalities; this approach allows TTU token holders to actively contribute to the platform’s development by earning an opportunity to vote for the content published by the platform. With all the tremendous benefits, TaTaTu brings to the table; it’s not difficult to see why the platform has enjoyed great support and amassed such a huge following.

As data breaches expose how corporations have exploited and monetized the personal data of individuals, perhaps it is time for a new kind of social platform; one that adheres to the tenets of fairness and transparency, a platform that rewards users for their time and content; a social platform that gives back instead of always taking. Perhaps it is time for TaTaTu.

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