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Fluz Fluz Cash Back Network – the link between crypto and your favorite retailer

Eseandre Mordi



Fluz Fluz is the next generation of cash back services! Having proved its applicability and success in Colombia with over 100k active users, the US market is Fluz Fluz’s next target! Fluz Fluz stands out among crypto projects, since, unlike most, it’s a project with tangible real world use – it works just like most cash back applications, except it’s better. Why is it better? Because on top of the regular benefits of literally getting cash back, you also become part of a network, which grants you passive income!

What is Fluz Fluz?

Fluz Fluz is a Cash Back Network were every Fluz Fluz user can earn an instant return on their purchase when shopping online, in-store and by purchasing digital gift cards. As mentioned, supplementing this, is a built-in Cash Back Co-op Network, which is based on a referral program – invite friends and earn a percentage of the cash back they receive. Furthermore, people who join without referrals get automatically assigned to your network!

With the Colombian market as proof of success, Fluz Fluz is in the process of expanding and conquering the US market!

Back in December 2017, Fluz Fluz held an ICO to secure funding for the aforementioned expansion, by issuing its FLUZ ERC-20 tokens. Within 2 weeks, the target hard cap was attained – 20 million dollars raised in a public crowdsale!

An ever-growing list of partnered retailers!

Adidas, Applebee’s, Amazon are among an impressive list of over 300 retailers and brands that have partnered with Fluz Fluz, and more are joining every day! Bulk and cross product discounts to Fluz Fluz users is what helps retailers attract loyal and repeat customers, making their customer acquisition costs much lower, especially when compared to standard direct marketing channels. A key factor for this is that it’s a continuous, self-supporting user acquisition system, rather than a singular campaign.

Are these retailers using crypto? No, they’re not and that is one of the most important reasons why they join – all deals happen in fiat currency. The FLUZ tokens act as in-system added value mediators.

How does the Fluz Fluz Cash Back Network work?

Fluz Fluz Cash Back Network consists of core Tier 1 and Tier 2 Network Seats, plus the free spots taken by people that want to use the Fluz Fluz app. All new Fluz Fluz Cash Back users will be either auto-filled or invited into the Network Structure under these seats, and every seat holder will be able to earn additional cash back generated from his seats cash back network.

On August 14th, the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Network Seat activation event will start. Every Fluz Fluz supporter that currently holds sufficient amounts of FLUZ tokens will be able to secure one or multiple Cash Back Network Core seats. The only differences between the two tiers are the tokens necessary to claim a Seat and since Tier 1 seat is closer to the core of the Network, it will get auto-filled with regular users more quickly.

For a Tier 1 Seat you need 20,000 FLUZ tokens and for a Tier 2 Seat you need 10,000 FLUZ tokens. If you are interested in participating in the Fluz Fluz Network Seat activation event but don’t have enough FLUZ tokens, you can acquire more tokens in one of these exchanges:

  1. 2. 3.

What are FLUZ token Utilities?

Before we even begin discussing FLUZ token Network Utility functionalities, keep in mind the primary function – everyone with sufficient FLUZ token holdings will be able to claim Fluz Fluz Network TIER seats. Additional functionalities after the seating event include:

A way to provide several additional core functionality to the Fluz Fluz cash back network. Every user holding FLUZ tokens will be able to:

  1. Activate DOUBLE cash back for their purchases. Even for previously made purchases (up to 14 days later).
  2. Gift these tokens to your seats network – to a specific person or to the whole network. By doing so, the user will stimulate cost-effective spending in his network and will get more cash back to themselves.
  3. Take part in our monthly raffle for seats that were unclaimed in our initial seating event, as well as all of the cash back that has accumulated on them since they became active.

With more utilities to be revealed soon!

Fluz Fluz Premier Seat Activation

Step 1: Have enough tokens! The advantages of becoming a part of this early cannot be stressed enough! For more information on Fluz Fluz tokens and how to obtain them, go to our website:

Step 2: Activate a seat on our seat activation page:

That’s it! It really is that simple!

Join Fluz Fluz and take part in the global cash back revolution! Stay up and date with all that is going on with Fluz Fluz and follow our announcement telegram group:

And if you have any questions, you can ask them in our global community telegram group:

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