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How Raintoken Is Transforming The E-Commerce Industry

Eseandre Mordi



When all the advancements being made on information, communication and technology all around the globe on a daily basis is being put into consideration, one will not be totally mistaken to conclude that the 21st century is a generation driven by all these developments.

It is not news anymore that the technology of cryptocurrency and blockchain is among the revolutionary forces driving these developments as currently, the world is almost totally being ruled by the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology which has convincingly shown everyone that there actually is another possible way of saving and transferring valuables than the conventional way and there is yet much more to come. With the introduction of the Raincheck ICO platform and the Raintoken, the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is definitely set to get a boost for the better.

About The Raincheck Platform And The Raintoken

Raincheck is a platform formed in November 2104 based on the Stellar blockchain technology and aimed at enabling online to offline commerce and transactions by influencing and measuring up to the high level of research and discovery of online products and then connecting those discoveries with the in-store sales transactions that best corresponds with them. The platform also offers card linking to enable people to add loyalty points, offers and cash back to any credit payment or debit card, thereby substituting the debit card. What’s more?  The platform has a target of providing a fully decentralized platform where holders of token can aggregate and manage points across many loyalty schemes by allowing it’s consumers the opportunity to combine reward points gotten from different loyalty schemes all into one digital unit which is the Raintoken.

About The Rain Token

The Raintoken is the official token for the Raincheck commerce platform based on the Stellar protocol and designed to enable micro-payments which will handle very quick transactions at a very cheap price

Loyalty And Rewards Exchange Aggregator

The Raintoken’s loyalty and rewards exchange aggregator is currently causing a transformation in the digital commerce world and a total of about 14,000,000 tokens which is an equivalent of $560 000 are on the line to be allocated to the rewards pool. The program which will run through the first token sales is scheduled to end after the token sales and the rewards will be paid 30 days after the sales have ended.

The Team Behind Raincheck Platform

The raincheck platform is managed by a team of highly professional and experienced people in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and is led by the CEO and Co-Founder of the platform, Cameron Wall who has a 25 years experience in development and designs teams having built solutions for Web and mobile platforms for enterprise clients all around the globe and has founded six startups before among a host of other achievements.


The Raincheck platform and it’s token, the Raintoken is already causing considerable transformations in the world of E-commerce by allowing it’s consumers to combine all their reward points from different loyalty schemes in one digital unit and Is set even to spark more revolution in the industry when the platform is completely developed.

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