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Trivver blockchain : Bringing extended realities (XR) to product advertising

Eseandre Mordi



The relevance of the blockchain technology in all of our everyday activities, continues to find prominence by each passing day. This does not come as a surprise especially when we consider the achievements that have so far been made. One of the recent groundbreaking events is the creation of the Trivver advertising platform that functions by creating product adverts with an incorporation of active virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) techniques; and whose administrative methods are powered by the blockchain.

What problem is Trivver solving?

According to advert record statistics gathered from companies and other corporate brands, there has been a rise in financial value investment in advert placements of all sort. But then, there comes a germane need to add creativity and effect to the way these adverts are made, and subsequently presented to the public. This is the vantage point where the Trivver company’s product becomes conspicuously relevant. With the Trivver solution, companies would be able to effect such methods of advert creation that comes in the 3D module, while making use of virtual and augmented reality technologies. Thus, bringing the possibility of making adverts in immersive environments via the use of the company’s smart object technology. By this, advertising companies can now effect product marketing that shows much more details about their products, and hence are able to better convince prospective customers and clients. With this, there comes an end in sight to website pop-up adverts, and unyielding video prompts while making it easier for extended reality developers to monetize their products more effectively. Transactions on the Trivver platform would be carried out using the Trivver tokens (TRVR).

Although the TRVR tokens are meant to serve primarily as fuel for running transactions and not necessarily as a valuable asset, they still hold prospects for high returns on the cryptocurrency market, and this is, in fact, something to look out for  in the near future.

The birthing of the Trivver protocol solves the technicality and cost gulping tendencies of using the extended reality technology; which are some of the challenges that have hindered its adoption and use by many prospective advert users, and developers alike.

The Trivver project ICO explained

As a means of distributing the TRVR tokens, the Trivver company has adopted the ICO crowdfunding strategy; especially since the value transactions for the Trivver project are first to be effected on a blockchain.

The Trivver company has issued out 50% (100 million) of the total generated TRVR tokens, for distribution at the public sales. Every 750 TRVR token is estimated to trade for one Ethereum coin, from which an estimated $35 million is to be raised as the project’s ICO hard cap. Individuals who participated in the pre-sales were allowed access to bonuses, and the company might yet roll out bonus programs for intending investors. When the ICO is done, the remaining 100 million tokens would serve as a reserve which would be used for subsequently rewarding users’ participation on the Trivver network, while all leftovers from the public sales would be destroyed.

The Trivver project ICO is slated to run from June 8th to July 7th, 2018.

All of the Trivver extended reality (XR) projects follow a feasible roadmap, thus making the company’s project one of the best to hit the professional advertising scene. This is a plus for cryptocurrency users and investors, as we may yet have found another altcoin that must be invested in.

Visit Trivver website for more information:

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