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Blockstocks: Connecting Blockchain Technology and SMEs

Eseandre Mordi



While most financial analyst still thinks that commercializing blockchain is still far, the benefits that SMEs will get can`t be ignored. However, small and medium scale business enterprise is the backbone for any economy; even though they are the driver of any good economy, owners of SMEs suffer the most when it comes to raising funds for investing or paying off their debts. Although, the biggest factors is because they are SMEs and financial institutions don’t want to partner or lend money to them thereby crushed their dreams of a successful enterprise. As blockchain continues to disrupt different sectors across the industrial world, the financial sectors are not oblivious of the change and transformation that this technology can do in the SMEs sectors.

Blockstocks and SMEs

Recently, a new blockchain based technology; Blockstocks secures Swiss compliance that will help protect SMEs and their investors by launching a digital token sale platform to help startup and SMEs raise the required capital for their business without compromising themselves of businesses. The platform will also offer an all-round service that will include consulting, legal, financial, Information technology, and marketing to small and medium scales business owners while building a trust bridge between investors with legit businesses. With the help of blockchain technology, the Blockstocks tokens will tokenize real assets and known as SMEs security tokens accessible to users for investment, liquidity, or traded with. The platform is providing SMEs with a transparent way to raise funds and will provide investors with viable SMEs investment opportunities. In working according to with the newly implemented GDPR laws, the Blockstocks legal division in collaboration with the most reputable Swiss law firms is ensuring that SMEs receive the necessary assistance during the securities issuance, preparation of investment prospectus, the financial knowledge and all legal aspects concerning the funding process.

The security token will also incorporate the old system of raising funds and securities issuance. It also aims to use its own technology called liquid stocks protocols to tokenize all startup and SMEs equities; which will start immediately the sale platform begins and all marketing and business materials are distributed on a larger network for investors on the platform.  SMEs and investors stand to benefit from this process due to the Swiss compliance. 5% of the SMEs security token is issued to the Blockstocksholders who are automatically a co-owner of all that raise capital on the Blockstocks and SME token sales are completed, all Blockstocksholders receive cash incentives equivalent to the 5% value of the funds raised.

Blockstocks is a safe investment platform as all tokens are supported by real-time stocks and profitable in the hands of any Blockstocks holder.

Conclusively, the Blockstocks blockchain based platform is to solve the problems of SMEs not getting the necessary investment chance in the financial marketing by lift the lending hammer of off them and give them a greater chance to raise funds for their businesses or give their businesses better visibility for investor to invest directly without third parties of interference. With the help of the tokens and the Swiss compliance, make money from investing and participating on the platform.

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