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What Crypto Exchange Should I Use?

Eseandre Mordi



Cryptocurrencies have made lives easier. With the speed and ease of transferring money from one point in the world to another in just a few short minutes, the implications and adoptions have been astounding.

As a digital money, most cryptocurrencies are generated from performing complex calculations, called mining. Nowadays, most cryptocurrencies are pre-mined. Whatever the case may be, most cryptocurrency uses get hands on the digital money through dedicated exchanges, commonly known as crypto exchanges.

These exchanges range from very simple ones, offering conversions from one into another, or letting you buy and sell with fiat- to the complex ones which are just like professional forex setups, having trading pairs, buy and sell limits etc.

There are many exchanges online today, that offer many trading options and pairs, allowing you to buy, sell, invest and trade in multiple cryptocurrencies. A new person to the world of crypto trading and exchange can be overwhelmed by the choice of which exchange to use.

What To Look For In An Exchange

There are a few fundamental points that one must look into before selecting the exchange to use:

  • How safe is the platform?
  • Level of liquidity? Higher volume of exchange is better.
  • Deposit, transaction and withdrawal fee?
  • KYC Rules
  • Is the exchange user-friendly for new people?, An Exchange That Fills All Requirements is an upcoming crypto exchange that has been designed to keep its users in mind. The platform makes itself one of the best as it offers:

  • Safe: The platform is Blockchain based, making it one of the most secure exchanges in the world.
  • Liquidity Level: offers a unique liquidity pool, in which half of the daily profits made from trading on the platform is distributed to liquidity pool investors. This also doubles as a passive income for people who which to make money on the side and not trade by themselves.
  • Fee: As a decentralized platform, only charges for transaction fee for any transactions made. Withdrawal fee is kept to the minimum and there is no deposit fee at all.
  • KYC: Partnered with Civic, another blockchain startup that handles KYC issues for other platforms, users can pre-verify themselves on Civic and simply join directly on
  • UI: has an intuitive user interface, allowing people who are new to trading to quickly grasp the trading and graphs, while allowing expert users to increase their trading capabilities.

Overall, should be your choice of crypto exchange.

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