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Who’s behind the social media buzz around Bryan Roy?

Eseandre Mordi



The PR firm, DM Communications, which previously represented STOX, the venture that raised $ 33 million in less than two days, planned the act in order to promote Roy’s new Blockchain project, SportCo.

Last Thursday, Bryan Roy, ex-soccer star, accused Manchester United Manager, Jose Mourinho, of trying to “kill football” with cowardly game-strategy. The provocation drew thousands of angry reactions from United fans on social networks, wondering if this was a premeditated media attack.

Roy’s interview was published on the cover of the sports supplement of the Daily Mirror, which is read by 100 million people every month, and it was later published worldwide in more than 10 languages.

It turns out that Bryan Roy didn’t act alone –  DM Communications, founded by David Malits, is responsible for the spin which meant to promote Roy’s new Blockchain-based venture, SportCo.

SportCo, which possesses sports fans community platforms, announced a significant change in the way sports fans will play a role in the future of sports media – Blockchain-based algorithm would measure their readers’ involvement and reward them for any action they perform on the site.

David Malits, founder of DM Communications, said: “Proud of my team, for having managed to navigate an item that could have been monochromatic, to a place that creates so much media buzz. This is a clear example of intelligent PR in order to get a story on the public agenda. As far as we are concerned – the arguments, the passions, and the fury are no less than hypocrisy, and in this way, the fans serve the goals of the campaign”.

DM Communications’ international department, led by Adir Alon, represent customers from various fields; among them: international banking services, and e-commerce payments provider, Moneynetint, the blockchain prediction markets platform, STOX, and Cyabra, which offers a solution designed to detect social media attacks.

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