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SpringRole – Protocol for a Trust Based Decentralized Professional Network

Eseandre Mordi



SpringRole is a platform that helps working professionals build their career and earn. It is a blockchain client where individuals can create a profile based on their career path or choice, gain recommendations and earn from the successes of their network. Like most blockchain clients, it makes use of tokens as part of its activities.

Launched in 2014 by Kartik Mandaville, SpringRole is not just about posting and updating your work experience, it also ensures that skills and experience that’s attached to a profile is verified as being true by concerned authorities.

How does SpringRole work?

  1. As a user, you visit their website at and register as a member.
  2. After membership, you will create a profile. This profile has three main parts: Education, Skill-sets and Work Experience. Each of these parts has its own verification and attestation process. And each part must be verified before going to the blockchain process. Once verified, they cannot be edited.

Note: The education and work experience is very much linked to the organisations that are mentioned by the user to have been. Thus, when a user claims to have worked for a multinational like Guinness or Nestle, such an organisation will have to endorse it before it can become verified. The same process works for the skill-set.

  1. The member can then use this information and endorsements anywhere in the world. He can also share it.
  2. Your network of endorsements are measured based on the skill level of the endorser. And possible endorsements need to be accepted by both the endorser and endorsee before it can count for the member (endorsee).
  3. Registered members gain rewards whenever people in your network earn rewards on this platform. Rewards are not exclusive for the member, endorsers and organisations also gain rewards. The user gets more than 50% of the reward.

SpringRole Tokens

Blockchain utilises tokens in each and every transaction/activity. This is same for SpringRole. The Spring Token (SRT) is a compliant ERC-20 token used on the SpringRole platform. it is what is used on the platform. From registering to profiling and attestation, and confirmation, all will be based on the token. Rewards gained will be based on the spring token. Tokens can be gained in the following ways:

  1. Registered users get a part of earnings made by any member of his network.
  2. You also get referral bonus by referring a company to you the user with tokens.
  3. Spring token is used to endorse a particular skill to a registered user.
  4. Every endorsement made by a company or institution comes with Spring token
  5. Having a spring token gives the user access to premium features of the platform.
  6. Tokens are stored in the user’s blockchain wallet.

SpringRole reminds one of LinkedIn, The social network for professionals. But unlike LinkedIn, the claims (skillset, education, work-experience) made are more accurate and reliable. SpringRole also makes use of the decentralised blockchain technology, and users have the unique opportunity of earning (in the form of bitcoin) while using it.

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