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How FlipNik is Revolutionizing the Social Media Industry

Eseandre Mordi



Many customers aspire to create and maintain a healthy bond with local businesses. However, the social media platforms have failed to connect customers with the local business brands.

Today, the traffic in commercial areas has decreased, customers are only interested in becoming loyal fans of major brands. However social media platforms have failed to provide such platforms for customers to connect with brands.

Here is why during the early days of social media facebook and twitter promised users that their platforms would be free of censorship. Everyone is aware that Facebook makes money by catering to a specific demographics. This implies that they had an incentive to censor contents for the demographics. Later, they started censoring more as part of their monetization strategy. This created a severe problem for marketers.

Content policies are subjective; most brands do not know which content is acceptable. Also, many users have abandoned social media because they believe that these sites question their religious, Political or personal views as a person.

FlipNpik in the blockchain platform

Blockchain technology has made the creation of decentralized social networks possible. They have made it easier for brands to reach a broad audience and have control over their Marketing messages.

Indeed it is worth noting that through better communication merchants can increase their in-store and online sales. Today, most businesses use social media to connect with their users. In fact, 46% of online users use social media to guide them in making any consumption choice. Most users on Facebook rely on the recommendations of their friends before making any purchase decision. On the other hands, 77% of merchants (Business to customers merchants ) have acquired customers through social media sites. The average global annual growth of e-commerce is increasing at an impressive rate. Today, blockchain is transforming social media through a global ledger technology that gives everyone the control over their data.

Blockchain has made it possible for users to determine which of their data is utilized for profits. The blockchain encrypts and stores peoples data in a decentralized network.

FlipNpik social media offers

FlipNpik through the power of blockchain technology will transform social media. They will offer users the following features.

A directory of neighbourhood businesses.

A Personalized news feed based on users location and interest.

A FlipNpik profile that allows users to list their local tastes and preferences.

Exclusive promotions and instant offers.

A library of users favourite posts and businesses.

FlipNpik marketplace where they offer a simplified shopping experience.

Games and entertainment like the surprise box, and the wheel of savings.

Virtual and Augmented Reality that will give users a stimulating and efficient online and in-store shopping experience.

They will also offer users the following features

A company profile to create their digital identity.

Turnkey marketing tools which are ideal for acquiring new customers.

Greater Visibility through instant promotion offers or spots in the news feed.

The marketplace to set up users products.

Smart data to obtain an accurate analysis of users sales performance.

Posting scheduler to plan post in advance and publish on the platform.

Personalized support such as the creation and posting of the content.

Virtual Reality.

Seach for service providers.

Registration is free on the FlipNpik platform

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