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Wysh Creates a Community for Consumers, Merchants, Software Developers, and Service Providers by Combining AI with Blockchain for Enhanced Commerce Transactions

Eseandre Mordi



The modern technologies and the technologies of the future aim at making tasks faster, more reliable and secure. It also aims at delegating certain tasks to a higher processing machine than to a human brain so as to achieve accurate results much quicker. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain are some examples of these future-shaping technologies, revolutionizing our ways of carrying out different jobs.

Communications is one such field which is being hauled over to bring massive changes through the application of the abovementioned technologies. Wysh, is one such revolutionary application which will bring a huge turn to how consumers, businesses and other stakeholders interact with each other.

Wysh: The New Messenger Powered by Blockchain

Businesses have now started extending their services over the internet. Communication over the internet is much more preferred nowadays than reaching out in the actual physical presence or over phone calls. Online Instant Messaging is the popular medium of communication, even amongst businesses.

Consumers are more active on such platforms and it proves to be cheaper and more efficient. Wysh is an instant and intelligent messaging platform for enterprises. This platform harnesses the features of Blockchain and AI to provide a smooth and trustworthy medium of communication.

It would be Ideal for businesses to have a communication platform where they could provide their services, customer support, advertisements, and whatever other possible avenues they can delve into under a single platform. Wysh makes this dream come true for enterprises. It’s like a whole marketplace under a single application, run on the internet.

To add more to the facilitation, multiple other features await to aid the users. Transactions can be made with ease and trust in a jiffy, because of the Blockchain principles underlying the app. No possibility of faulty transaction lies within Wysh. AI is deployed in the chat systems to cater to users 24/7 with smart replies and interactions.

This AI-driven customer support will cater to multiple customer queries and make it easier for the business to handle the queries. If the AI algorithm detects that the user needs a real person to respond, Wysh automatically redirects to a service provider or local merchant that is able to assist and provide an instant response.

“Wysh is taking things to the next level, in speed, convenience, savings, and enjoyment. Our mission is to ease and change the way businesses engage with customers by tackling current issues with service industries.”

-Alex Lopatine, Executive Chairman of Wysh

Wysh: The Future of Business Transactions?

Wysh aims to develop a synergetic community of consumers, business handlers, and software developers, to bring out the best in each other. Programmers are rewarded with Wysh Tokens on bringing in advancements in the system. This whole platform will benefit as much as it’s stakeholders.

Wysh is the way to go for businesses of the future, promoting seamless transactions with utmost security and a smart AI backed chat system. Wysh is set to revolutionize the business interaction community, and the business that opt for Wysh will prosper in all the ways Wysh will help them to.


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