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How Medibloc Helps More Than Just Registered Practitioners and Patients

Eseandre Mordi



The importance of accurate Medical information cannot be overemphasized. There is the need to group them in defined structures and this is what Medibloc is doing with patients’ health information(s). Through Medibloc and the use of blockchain technology, individual medical institutions/practitioners can now access patient information better and recall them from the different places where they might have been scattered.

Transfer of information like a patient’s medical history has always been restricted. These restrictions are government approved and made it really tasking to work on patients. For example, tests that might have been carried out in the previous institution might have to be carried out again in the new one. This costs extra time and money, which is a problem that Medibloc seeks to solve. It creates a seamless structure that allows data to be exchanged from hospital to hospital for medical purposes.

There are amazing merits to this Medibloc magic. Let’s experience it together.

  1. Policy Makers

When patient records are available, policymakers are able to pinpoint varying patterns in peoples’ medical histories. It helps them to understand what kinds of tests are being conducted, what kinds of food best contributes to their health, the lifestyles that are predisposing them to certain conditions and the kinds of illnesses they are mostly exposed to. Knowing these bouts of information helps policymakers to make nationwide policies concerning or regarding health on a macro level.

  1. Economists

Economists can work with policymakers to determine the most appropriate areas for directing certain resources. Demand percentages for different tests, for instance, help them focus their efforts on proper dissemination of these tests, making them affordable and easily accessible to the relevant/needed channels. Blockchain technology, through Medibloc also provides reports on the effective use of allocated resources. It also helps economists in revealing Insurance fraud, showing if testing is being done indiscriminately and doesn’t fit the expected pattern.

  1. Legal

When medical records are easily accessible with blockchain through Medibloc, legal issues are easily disentangled as information saved through blockchain is decentralized and not editable. If data or records are tampered with, a permanent footprint will reveal that someone has touched it. So in a legal situation, you can be rest assured that you are working with unadulterated records.

There’s more.

The healthcare world has now become inclusive with the aid of Medibloc and insurance is not left out. “Smart Contract” allows for the automation of a patient’s insurance claims and evaluation, which means that they do not need to contact their insurance institutions regarding information about their covers. Medibloc has a rich array of advantages for practitioners just as much as patients.

It’s designed for the purpose of ease and the ability to navigate different health care processes in the most beneficial way. Patients can now understand the language of their healthcare professionals as well as compare the variations in their different medical “seasons”.

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