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XRONOS іѕ thе First Aggregator оf Cryptocurrency аnd Blockchain-Technologies.

Crystal Moore



XRONOS is an aggregator of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency. The worldwide objective of the venture is to make genuinely decentralized, steady, mass-connected crypto circling medium, which will quicken the fiat cash alteration into cryptocurrency, and have this aim to proceed from an outshouted banking network to the new phase of world economy evolution.

Someone who uses cryptocurrencies regularly will probably know the problems associated with this technology, doesn’t matter if the user is a newbie or old user, problems are for everyone. User faces many problems using cryptocurrency like; high volatility and instability has made the cryptocurrency exchange trade a hard job. There is no transparency and guarantee on the market, thus making preservation of the capital a big problem. Cryptocurrency is a hard job, its not easy to understand and many problems are facing crypto stress as it fluctuates every minute, thus making cryptocurrencies hard to understand. The worst part is that there is no gate of cryptocurrency to the real world. No single coin is stable and exchanging becomes difficult sometimes. XRONOS came with solution of these problems by becoming aggregator of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

XRONOS system has three products (own blockchain, Wallet app and XRSS program). By stabling fiat currency, XRONOS has made its cryptocurrency. Interesting thing is that every product of XRONOS is unique and has its own features and benefits. All of these interesting and fascinating features has made XRONOS project a huge breakthrough. Experts and Investors around the world are considering it as the next big thing to disrupt the cryptocurrency market.

Blockchain of XRONOS is scalable and self-optimizing, and for your interest, it operates with highest speed, at least 100 transactions in a second. XRONOS wallet is quite different from others wallet, because of its simplicity and ease of use Wallet is pretty simple and highly secure, light and takes very low space. XRONOS Real Time Stabilization System (XRSS) is transparent and operates in open resource, thus allowing every trader or user to predict its behavior and gives them confidence to believe in system. That’s pretty amazing and good to know.

XRONOS has completed and tested all three of the products. To stabilize its growth and healthy development, XRONOS has pre-managed period of gradual increase, which is further divided in four stages. And guaranteedly, the price of coin will rise up at every stage. By this way the security concerns will be eliminated and functionality of the system can be updated. Only 20% of the funds summed at each stage, will be spent on growth and development of cryptocurrency. While the remaining 80% will guarantee the financial capacity of coin. After the emanation of 21 million coins, XPO changes into stable rate. By September 2017 its mathematically arranged cost will break even with $21.53 for 1 XPO. Once the objective esteems are come to (emission> 21,000,000 coins and a stable XPO rate), the rates of the discharge profit dissemination will change: 98% will go to the cryptographic money bin, and just 2% will be spent in the Vertex Capital Management LTD support, so the work on XRONOS and its propelling administrations can be proceeded.

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