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433 Token, will make Soccer more fun for everyone in the world

Eseandre Mordi



433 is a token ecosystem, where Blockchain technology has been incorporated into soccer, in order to make the sport more transparent, secure and scalable, while at the same time bridging the gap between the soccer superstars and their fans.

By using 433, everyone will be able to fully enjoy soccer by participating in the development of the next superstar, interacting with superstars and legends as well have a say in making important soccer decisions.

433 believes that soccer can be improved because it is the number one sport in the world, it has amazing clubs, it has centralized power, superstar players, nurtures youth talents, creates playing careers and it has loyal fans.

433 was invented by Soccer Legends Limited in partnership with Global Legends Series (GLS) due to their firm believe in Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts, and the need to bridge the gap between the soccer superstars/legends and their fans.

How 433 Token works

433 has three major utilities which are: sponsoring mentorship, bidding on auctions and voting on games. Under sponsoring mentorship, a selected group of legendary soccer players form a “Fellowship of Legends”, where each Legend is a Principal in the Fellowship.

Principals then pick and mentor youth talents from different soccer academies, aged 16 to 18 years. Each principal is allowed to mentor, at any time, up to 5 youth talents. The principal then offers 433 Token holders around the world, with the opportunity to sponsor his mentoring, for a certain amount of 433 tokens through the Smart Contract.

Under bidding and auction utility, a principle holds auction for special events by personally participating and giving specific personal details. Each event then coined to a unique smart contract event token for auction. The highest bidder receives the event token and enjoys personal interaction with the principle. Other bidders get back their tokens and wait for the next available opportunity. Through the Smart Contract, the principle automatically collects the 433 tokens once his event obligations have been fulfilled. If not, the tokens are returned to the bidder.

When it comes to voting on games, 433 token holders are able to vote for the venue. The city that receives the most votes hosts the game. Through the Smart Contract, tokens voted for the winning city goes to GLS, to fund the game. The winning voters receive free video streaming of the game and are also given priority tickets. Other voters get back their tokens and wait for the next available opportunity.

The 433 Token and token sale

There will be a total of 1 Billion 433 tokens, which is the maximum supply. 30% will be offered to the public at the upcoming token sale. 35% will go to reserve, 15% to the foundation, 10% will go to the founders, 7.5% to advisors, 1.5% to the development team and 1% to the bounty program.

The token standard is ERC-20, with the price of each token being US$0.09 / token, ETH accepted, a soft cap of US$4 million and a hard cap of US$27 million.

Soccer fans of all ages from all around the world can access and invest in 433 tokens, through the 433 Token official website. There will also be no betting and gambling utilities in the 433 Token Ecosystem.

However, residents and citizens of the United States of America and The Peoples Republic of China are not eligible to participate or invest in the 433 token.

The risk that can be associated with investing in 433 token is that the ecosystem involves the use of experimental technology platforms, whose outcome cannot be a 100% guarantee. In the same light, the 433 tokens do not represent shares, equity, units, royalties, income or profit returns. They are also not intended to present any security so investors do it at their own personal risk.

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