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Amazing Ethereum Blockchain Innovation helps You Purchase Diamonds Safe and Secure

Crystal Moore



Certified Blockchain Based Diamond Exchange (CEDEX) is an amazing ethereum blockchain platform which provides a solution to the vacuum crated between the old based diamond industry and the modern financial markets. Cedex is the only platform which wants to trash out this vacuum by merging both elements mentioned above. It pays a great head through modern industrial technologies to substitute people’s investment on other platforms where they feel insecurity to invest with the new CEDEX where they can feel free to invest without any insecurity because CEDEX gives a check and balance system so every investment of every single person would be secured with the total data. This security system of CEDEX provides every new person as he can invest without any knowledge about the diamond and its trading because everything available at CEDEX is transparent so he can never be cheated. Similarly, CEDEX avails every facility like it offers two-sided market by egging on supply and demand. It provides rates of every diamond along with its sample.

The technology behind this CEDEX is the DEX which is the considerable machine-learning algorithm. It has provided a transparent and coherent financial market to the diamond. Basically, it is composed of few basic elements on which it survives: A gem composite which enlightens the perfect structure; the parallel composite which indicates the qualities of the category of the diamond and the indices composite which finally directs the traders about the diamond industry. This Dex avails the diamond industry an artificial technology which is based on neural network which specifies every data available for the diamond.

Why a trader or a person needs to choose CEDEX? However, there are many elements which compel a person to choose this CEDEX because CEDEX provides following offers which are not available on other platforms.

  • It offers upgraded instruments for the investment along with transparent market values on the board
  • It provides the value of diamond in all circumstances without any delay
  • It is not only available for elites but it is also for middle class. However, Diamond is being favored by the majority of the middle class which will soon be popular to the millennial
  • CEDEX provide easy access to transport or carry all those diamond which are popular in world
  • It stabilizes the value of all diamonds more than that other precious stones on the planet

How CEDEX exchange system works? It is prominently induced by the coin which augments the exchange system for this platform. However, there is ERC 20 a token which will then be traded for the public Ethereum blockchain. It will allow later on all the process for the purchase to purchase diamond on this CEDEX, shifting of their assets in the diamonds, etc. Moreover, This CEDEX will look after the trading volume which is generated on the CEDEX and how much demand it occupied on the exchange system.However, finally it will be converted into other cryptocurrencies and in other forms. Therefore, all the aforementioned qualities by CEDEX have ameliorated it on the topmost location for the Diamond industry.

CEDEX Coin – Powering The CEDEX Exchange

The CEDEX Exchange will be powered by the CEDEX Coin. This ERC-20-compatible token will be traded over the public Ethereum blockchain and will allow users to purchase diamonds on CEDEX, transforming their assets into diamonds. Use of the CEDEX Coin will be driven by trading volumes generated on the CEDEX Exchange and the demand of the diamond ecosystem. The CEDEX Coin will be listed on major exchanges (to be announced) and will be transferable to other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

The CEDEX Coin will be the only means of payment used on the CEDEX exchange.

The amount of CEDEX Coin will be limited. Any coins offered for sale that are not sold will be burned.

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