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ArtPro Unveils Crowdsale “Bringing Art to The Masses”

Eseandre Mordi



ArtPro is a unique peer-to-peer marketplace, smartphone app and art provenance monitor built on immutable blockchain technology.

ArtPro, which leverages blockchain technology to build an immutable provenance ledger for artworks, has today announced it will conduct its crowdsale from November 5th to December 14th. The crowdsale will follow a pre-ICO conducted from September 24th to October 22nd.

ArtPro is bursting through the previously closed doors of the artworld to bring fine art to the wider public. By utilizing a number of disruptive and novel technologies such as blockchain and Augmented Reality (AR) ArtPro aims to bring a breath of fresh air the perceived stuffiness of the art market. The ArtPro smartphone app is a case in point, which will allow buyers to browse through art on the platform, radically using AR technology to view each piece in any space of their choosing.

Blockchain technology and ArtPro’s unique provenance solution are a natural fit, creating a tamper-proof record of authenticity in a $70 billion market where 1 in 3 works is estimated to be faked. As the Deloitte Art & Finance Report 2017 states, “authenticity, lack of provenance, forgery, and attribution” are “the greatest threat to [the artworld’s] reputation”. To restore confidence in the market and to ensure the probity of the data on the blockchain, ArtPro has already struck partnerships with vetted art experts and KYC firm Shufti Pro.

ArtPro will further set itself apart from other provenance projects by creating a peer-to-peer marketplace where sellers and buyers of art can connect, lowering the barriers of entry for emerging artistic talents and inviting a new generation of art lovers to enter the art market. A unique community Art Fund and ongoing professional investment advice will further encourage and reassure new buyers.

As CEO Oliver Hams explained “ArtPro is a thoroughly modern vision of what the artworld could and should be. Art should be for the many, not the few. With ArtPro we’re bringing art to the masses, allowing more people than ever before to invest in and own a piece of fine art.”

To deliver on their roadmap ArtPro have assembled a strong team of art, business and technology experts and have built relationships with artists and galleries to ensure the ArtPro platform is filled with a broad selection of great artworks from day one.

Benefits of ArtPro:

  • ArtPro creates a direct peer-to-peer target market of artists and buyers
  • ArtPro democratizes art by lowering the barriers to entry for artists and collectors
  • ArtPro creates a diverse and well-stocked online marketplace, featuring art at various price points
  • With an Augmented Reality smartphone app ArtPro adds real-world utility, making it easier for the public to make purchasing decisions
  • ArtPro nurtures emerging artists of merit, making it easier for talented creatives to get discovered, thereby fostering the next generation of artists
  • Through the provision of detailed reports and investment guides, ArtPro educates newcomers on the world of art, empowering them to make informed investment decisions

The artworld is about to get a 21st-century reboot.

To take part in the ArtPro ICO visit

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