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CountingHouse Fund makes more profit from Cryptocurrency Market with Mathematical Computation

Eseandre Mordi



CountingHouse is a Forex company established to explore and annex profitability window in the foreign exchange market. Over the years, the company has been able to achieve a great fit, using her private investment vehicle [hedge fund] to amplify investment returns. CountingHouse specializes in mathematical computation –combing algorithms and other techniques –to command profits from the financial market.

A market considered fast pace and changing. In many years of operations –with outstanding yearly financial reports – CHF has dealt directly with fiat money and only recently diversified into the crypto world.

How Does the CountingHouse actually work?

The company creates a pool of investment funds known as Hedge funds. These funds leverage on borrowed capital from willing investors and partners. It is then used –with the aid of mathematical techniques and coded algorithms –to maximize investment returns. Basically, CHF raises capital through hedge funding and amplifies generated capital through ‘proving’ computations and techniques into a rewarding turnover. Recently, the company has ventured into cryptocurrency –banking on its existing and tested technique to make a mark – and it is already making giant strides in the blockchain industry. As said by the spokesman of the company –in recent press time – he was quoted alluding to the fact that –with their algorithmic trading models –“much success had been, since inception, achieved in the fiat currency exchange. And expressively noted even better performance and result in its updated crypto-algorithms models over the period of 12 months.”

CountingHouse Fund came to be following the realization of profit opportunity in the volatile financial market. This began in 2008 when there was a tremor in the financial market; the foreign exchange market had skyrocketed beating all imaginations and trampling upon all known predictions. CHF realizes that the volatility in the fiat exchange market offers investors the opportunity to earn a profit.

CountingHouse Fund is jointly established by Tim Dawson, Mike Pomery and Steve Pogacic. Tim and Mike are Directors of the company and Steve being the Real-World Ethics Manager. Other members of the team are Elizabeth Simons who is the HR manager; Jack Smith the Media Advisor and the Physical Assets Advisor Chris Yap.

Over the years, the company has been able to bring together a team of highly-spirited and motivated individuals who are experts in various fields [From finance to Investing, marketing etc]

The ICO and Investing in CountingHouse

To invest, the company has made available –at the ICO –millions of CHT. This is known has CountingHouse Token. This token offers the public the chance to have “stakes” in the company’s financial dealings and –ultimately –benefit from its profit base. The Pre-sale of CHF ICO began on the 3rd of April, 2018 and scheduled to end by the 9th of May 2018.

The advantage of the ICO Pre-sale is its 30% investment bonus. So, it is advised that investors should make a bulk purchase during the ICO pre-sale to make the most of the attendant discounts and bonuses. To include, the token supply is up to 20,000,000 CHTs [and with 73% of it to be distributed to new investors], this means that member of the public can buy as many tokens as they wish by simply exchanging one Ethereum for a thousand CHTs.

Every investment comes with attendant risks only that the level of risk varies from one investment to the other. There may not be a guaranteed fixed return or increase in the value of tokens as CHF would be exploiting volatility in the market perchance. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. However, the firm is known to have a very good return rate; its goal is to amplify investors’ profits and gains through the aid of its mathematical risk management as well as applying algorithmic trading methods to the volatile cryptocurrency market.


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