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According to their whitepaper, Bubblo is an Al powered protocol level data marketplace that harnesses the power of Blockchain to empower users to commoditize their personal data and bargain access to their data with businesses in exchange for discounts rewards and potential profit.  This is to say that your personal data is in your hands and you can decide to monetize it by sharing with companies or businesses and any 3rd party interested in it. They simply collect honest and accurate reviews of restaurants, bars, and venues, of all kinds, by merging the Blockchain technology with the power of AI.


Simple. Anytime you go to a restaurant, or check into a place, or buy a product and then take a picture or make a video to show your friends or fans on Facebook, or any other social media platform, or write a review, whichever action you take as a user, you would be rewarded for your feedback. For in that simple action, you have given companies marketing tool to reach the nearest potential customer in real time, so you deserved to be paid. So both you and businesses benefit, and everyone goes home happy.

Businesses and 3rd parties also benefit from the platform because they can re-target customers and gather valuable consumer insights with permission given through the Blockchain.

Bubblo is trying to incentivize you for your average everyday post on platforms. Something many multinationals data companies like Google and Facebook don’t do.


For years, Centralized internet companies all over the world have been mining user’s personal data and trading them illegally, and with questionable benefits that in no way profit users. Also, it is no news that Artificial intelligence companies require large data sets to analyze and create algorithms and companies and multinational data companies hoard them, and sell them to the highest bidder.

It was not until the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data Scandal that there was a global outcry to protect and give back data rights back to users. More than 87 million personal data was sold to politicians and targeted add companies without users’ permission. This is actually one of many data waves of abuse that makes it through the news. So Bubblo decided to create a solution to give back personal data control back to users and also incentivize them by putting the data to proper use. However, by going straight to consumers and businesses, it is possible to create a cheaper and more transparent marketplace that facilitates the secure transfer of big data.


Bubbloapp was invented by Shashank Sripada a former banker turned entrepreneur, a serial entrepreneur with a background in politics, finance, and economics. He graduated from the London School of Economics. He invented Bubblo in his college dorm room during his masters in management. He was trying to create a solution to the problem of having redundant locations pinned on maps that have no real time use for someone trying to hang out or get something. Bubbloapp was a way of giving people real-time value and the top 5 locations of the most happening place in town.


Few things you need to know.

Bubblo will launch its token on the Ethereum platform, the token will adhere to the ERC-20 specification, allowing it to be immediately traded on any exchange supporting Ethereum-based assets. It will further include community voting privileges, a protocol upgrade mechanism, and safeguards related to U.S. securities laws. Why the Bubblo token will initially launch on Ethereum is to achieve easy portability to the best technology as it becomes available. Bubblo Coin, (BUBL) is a multi-purpose cryptographic token that is awarded to users for contributing high-quality data to the Bubblo social network, a concept they called proof-of-human intelligence (POHI). The key question of the “value” of an individual user contribution is determined by AI technology hosted Bubblo-side, making the “BUBL” the first Blockchain where designated AI technology is a central mediator in a proof scheme. But far more importantly, coins encode the “data rights” for re-targeting or collecting summary statistics on the users that have “interacted with” that coin over the past t transactions. Thus, the coin allows users to either proactively decide to sell on the rights to their data contributions – and be compensated for them – or to maintain total privacy – a completely unique value proposition, unlike any other platform.


There is a high level of reluctance by people to review, comment, rate, or engage in real-time discussion of a place, event or product. But Bubbloapp had solved this by incentivizing the users with tokens. According to the whitepaper:

Users will get rewarded tokens for every review, comment, or up/down vote they leave to incentivize maximum community participation rather than only a small subset of reviewers with an affinity towards reviewing. Instead of only a text-based review system, users will also be able to upload video-based reviews to make the experience more personalized and interactive. Therefore, making this style of interaction between users unique.”

This is to say you can earn for every action taken. You can be rewarded by the system, businesses and even a fellow user for offering a useful information or detecting an erroneous one, or by just checking in to a place.


Here are few reasons you need to invest in BUBBLO

  1.    High Reliability – Bubblo has a strong backing from Blue chip companies from different sectors; from tourism, tech, transportation, to banking and food/beverages. Here are few names you know: The Times group India, 20th century Fox LA, Uber, Eros international, Airbnb, Careem, IBM, Samsung, Panasonic, and a whole lot of others. This makes it very reliable.
  1.    Multiple Monetization Paths– Bubblo’s numerous revenue streams and ability to adapt to capture revenue from multiple industries, gives it the greatest chance to monetize successfully.
  2.    Geographic Scalability– Bubblo is easily expansible globally as it can build its database of bars, clubs, and restaurants from existing open-source APIs allowing it to expand to any new city in the world within a week. Bubblo’s ability to integrate with local API partners in different geographies for reviews, taxi bookings, and payment services can provide scalability and consistency to its content and services.
  3.    Security – Blockchain technology enables a secure, smart-contract based escrow for all transactions, along with ensuring that no exploits exist within the code. The smart contract’s code will also be reviewed with Bubblo’s technical team to ensure the best security for our token sale participants.


According to the whitepaper here are a few risks involved in investing in BUBBLOAPP:

  1.    There is a greater possibility of a large competitor attempting to acquire Bubblo. Yes. Like, buy them off.
  2.    Other bigger competitors could move into the space that Bubblo is trying to create via new features or designs. However, this is highly unlikely as these brands have already been established.
  3.    The Platform’s reliance on multiple social media and review data sources may be compromised by a change in policy at one or more of its sources, however, in the long- term Bubblo seeks to build its own data to manage the risk

Summarily, as the world of AI, and Blockchain technology continues to expand, there would be an increase in real-time location-based advertising which has been projected to become the next frontier in media and in influencing consumer behavior. So Bubblo is the next best thing in town when you ask me “what’s up now”.

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