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Jibbit plans to bring the next 200m people into the crypto community; Interview with the CEO Daniel Pikulski

Eseandre Mordi



Blockchain Technology is disrupting and improving every corner of the world and the way we live in many amazing ways we could not have imagined. The Jibbit project is one of such. In this interview, Daniel will be telling us more about

Please tell us your name and about yourself?

Hey, my name is Daniel Pikulski and I`m the CEO of Jibbit. At the time when I still studied at a German University, I heard of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin for the first time. Ever since then I was driven by this idea. After having worked as an engineer for some years I finally came to the decision to make a profession of one of my biggest hobbies: Magic
While traveling the world with my Grand Illusion-shows I always kept on learning and investing crypto in my freetime. So one could definitely say that I’m a passionate Blockchain-visionary.
To support the idea of a new finance system which is decentralized and will revolutionize financial markets I made it my goal to establish solutions for the economy that are needed, successful and require blockchain. I believe that the more companies are willing to offer blockchain based illusions the stronger will be the evolution of the crypto market. I`m convinced that Jibbit gives such a solution.

What is Jibbit and what are your Services?

Jibbit is a network based upon three pillars: Jibbit Marketplace, Jibbit Runner and Jibbit©Doc. Our primary vision is to connect the cannabis community with the crypto-community. Hereby the advantages of the blockchain shall help in making the cannabismarket absolutely independent and safe at the same time.

Jibbit Marketplace is the main platform for vendors and entrepreneurs worldwide where only products without THC such as accessories will be offered to the end customer (Shop-in-Shop System, comparable to AMAZON). Buyers who pay with our own Cryptocurrency (Jibbit-Token) will benefit from special conditions or offers. E.g. 5 % discount. Furthermore the platform shall feature a simple search for products. In order to prevent “fake ratings” or reviews respectively only real buyers may give their ratings. This will be ensured by the use of our Blockchain. Consequently these ratings will lead to a trustworthy search key of our customers.

Additionally the Jibbit Token will make payments transparent an anonym at the same time. No more embarrassing payment references anymore. The Blockchain will make Transactions much safer, low priced and faster as conventional payment methods.

Jibbit Runner is a delivery service for THC-containing Cannabis in Countries where Cannabis may be already purchased legally such as some regions in the USA or recently in Canada. Similar as to order an ordinary pizza with an APP you may order Cannabis with our Jibbit-Runner-App which will then be delivered in shortest time.

Jibbit Doc offers a solution for patients, doctors, pharmacists and health insurances in the field of Cannabis in Germany. From Online consultations with your doctor to the possibility to encrypt prescriptions tamper-proof with the aid of Blockchain-Technology. Thus Jibbit Doc will raise the bar in medical services/care.

What is the technology behind Jibbit and what problem are you solving?

The technology, if you will, is a multitude of solutions that Jibbit is offering based on blockchain technology. As already explained writing the prescription tamper-proof in the blockchain with our Jibbit©Doc, getting the prescription e. g. by means of a QR code and having it submitted at the pharmacy where the medicament is handed to you easily.

Jibbit Runner will have connections to our Marketplace. Both Marketplace and Jibbit Runner work with the blockchain. So that reviews and ratings may only be given by real customers who already purchased the correspondent product at a certain vendors shop. Also the blockchain will increase the supply chain security and enables for back tracking of products (only authorized producers).

What market size of the crypto market will Jibbit capture, do you have any strategic partnerships and marketing details you will like to share with us?

We accomplished to make marketing arrangements with the five largest cannabis platforms in the German speaking area. Thus we did not only popularize our ICO but also our brand Jibbit and furthermore acquired potential customers of tomorrow. For the purpose of future cooperations we’re currently in negotiations with other big projects. Detailed information will be announced forthcoming.

It is our goal to position ourselves as a renowned market actor and establish the Jibbit-Token as the payment method of first choice in the cannabis industry. Of course at this very moment our primary goal is to reach the hardcap of 18 million USD and to guarantee a sustainable increase in value of our Token. So that Jibbit Token could be among the top 100 of all crypto currencies within the next years.

What are the advantages of participating in the Jibbit ICO

Especially early investors may benefit from a discount of up to 35 % of the actual Token-price. Additionally we expect the Token Value to rise on short-term which will be further ensured by listing our Token on several exchanges. We also implement further financial leverages which will result in a sustainable appreciation. Thus for example our trading schools where we’ll train trading Jibbit and Bitcoin, our Burning program in order to increase the demand, voucher- and discount campaigns as well as special applications that may be used above a certain balance of Jibbit in the customers wallet.

Tell us about your Token Economy, how does the JIB token work and how do we invest?

The Jib-Token is based technologically on ERC20 and together with the correspondent Audit it’s visible on github. It has been very important for us to develop the Token in a way that it meets the highest security standards. And we’ve got it made. In addition we’re using an external dashboard-solutions provided by Tokenget where you may invest in our tokensale by paying with various cryptocurrencies and FIAT easily. We have deliberately decided to work with Tokenget because of more than 40 successfully transacted ICOs which proves that they are one of the most experienced providers.

Could you tell us about your team and customer support?

Luckily we may fall back on a big team consisting of experts in different branches who are all contributing their experience. Not only are we working with very talented programmers but also renowned advisors who are supporting us achieving our goals.

How Safe is Jibbit, would you like to talk about your legal and security measures?

In particular because we conduct our ICO in Germany – one of the countries with the highest legal standards – and we consciously decided ourselves for holding high formalities it has been essential to invest in legal advices. In this context we’re working with Thorsten Hegel and chancellery Hellinger. Two well respected partners if you want to be ensured of legal compliance during the going concern.

It’s worth mentioning that we’re using an external dashboard-solutions provided by Tokenget where you may invest in our tokensale by paying with various cryptocurrencies and FIAT easily. We have deliberately decided to work with Tokenget because of more than 40 successfully transacted ICOs which proves that they are one of the most experienced providers.

Do you have more information for our readers?

We’re happy to announce that we developed the demo version of our Jibbit Marketplace where more and more vendors are currently getting listed. For more information, visit

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