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Build and Reward Your Media Audience Networks with MediaProtocol

Eseandre Mordi



The content distribution sector is inefficient. The internet has helped an explosion of media-based platforms. Yet, these centralized and profit-seeking entities are geared towards maximizing their earning by eating into the content creators’.

The earnings made are mostly through intrusive ads that the content viewer is subjected to. This not only makes the content creator aversive, since earnings dwindle, but the content reader and viewers are also annoyed by ads that pop every now and then.

MEDIA Protocol, Direct Distribution

MEDIA Protocol is a blockchain based decentralized platform that enables a direct, secure and completely transparent marketplace for content creators, publishing houses and end consumers to view, read and enjoy contents without heavy charges or annoying ads.

MEDIA Protocol, as a decentralized service, makes itself:

  • Transparent: an Open system with a multi-directional exchange of data and media.
  • Direct: Eliminates middlemen that take up a huge chunk of earnings.
  • Disruptive: By redesigning the traditional content distribution system, it disrupts the age-old methodologies
  • Sustainable: No additional charge or fee involved, MEDIA Protocol makes content distribution viable and profitable.

Rewarding The Audience

The MEDIA Protocol rewards content readers and viewers by a simple process. Content publisher links his or her URL on the platform that is written into the blockchain. The publisher enters details such as how many reward tokens should the viewer receive. The total payout consists of four functions that work in tandem to calculate the total reward: Interaction type, time of interaction, number of people who interacted with the same content using the same interaction type during the same period; and number of articles already consumed by the user during the day.

dApp CryptoCatnip has already integrated the MEDIA Protocol in its work. Users can download the application and view crypto related content while earning MEDIA tokens. These tokens can be used within the platform for other services or exchanged for other ERC20 compliant tokens and fiat.

In this way, content viewers are rewarded with money when they read or view contents on the platform.

Upcoming Events

The MEDIA protocol team is hot on connecting with movers and shakers in the crypto community and have 5 summits and forums to attend around the world:

  • O2O Block, Hong Kong.
  • Consensus, New York City.
  • Ethereal, New York City.
  • Token Summit, New York City.
  • Digital Future Council, Cannes Lions.

All these summits are to be held in May, with the Digital Future Council one to be held in June.

Find out more on the Media Protocol website:

Download the Whitepaper here:

See the Github Depository:

Join the Telegram Community:

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