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CEO Of Google Reveals The Amazing Thing His 11-year-old Son Is Doing

Usman Salis



Since the advent of the cryptocurrency and all the concepts that come with it, the world has battled with things such as rules and regulations which needs to put in place in order to control the management of cryptocurrency in the country. While the world finds different means to achieve this, something is happening in the home of the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai.

Recently, he revealed that his 11-year-old son has found particularly interesting the ethereum cryptocurrency and has started to make inroads in the mining process of ethereum. This was revealed in New York during the Bookdeal event by the CEO himself. When asked about what his opinion was concerning the recent surge of technology finding their way into the hands of children, he admitted that he was also facing the same situation in his home.

This is expected as he is the very epitome of technological advancement since he is the CEO of the world’s largest search engine. After he had said this, the CEO then went on to reveal something very surprising to most people in the audience. He revealed that his young boy has started to engage in the world of cryptocurrencies and all they had to offer!

He revealed that this came to his knowledge during dinner one day when the son was moved to correct him on some details he revealed about Bitcoin. He revealed that his son corrected him telling him that the things he talked about were about Ethereum and not Bitcoin. He explained that his son was using their only computer at home to mine the ether coins. This is quite surprising and amusing that a little kid would mine coins unknowingly to his father who is considered to be the head of one of the most technological corporations in the world.

It is worthy to remember that the co-founder of Google Sergey Brin also revealed that his son who is just ten years old has also made sever ventures in ethereum and had mined some of its coins too. However, the difference between the two events, however, is that with Brin’s child, the whole family including the father helped his son to make progress with his mining of ethereum. One of the reasons why his son started to explore ethereum is that he slowly understood that cryptocurrency was a step ahead of fiat currencies explain Brin.

It remains to be seen who would be the next kid to dabble into cryptocurrency.

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