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How Ether Legends Solves The Problems In The Online Gaming Cards Market

Eseandre Mordi



Ether Legends is an innovative and competitive trading card game that bridges the gap between online and offline gaming. With the use of blockchain, Ether Legends allows players to connect and convert their physical gaming cards to digital assets online. It also creates a marketplace where gamers can trade, collect and play, using Elementeum tokens.

Ether Legends allows users to store, send, receive and view their digital assets through its artsy and graphical interface. In addition, it tries to solve some of the common problems in online gaming and card trading markets. Some of these problems and their solutions include:

Problem #1

Many games are subject to middle men and controlling authorities that determine results, rewards, wins and losses. This has been the subject of controversy in many online game markets.

The Ether Legends Solution

Ether Legends, relying on smart contracts and blockchain technology, runs a platform free from middlemen and controlling authorities, allowing for skill based game play, governed by smart contracts to facilitate fast, secure and reliable processing of game data.

Problem #2

Traditional online gaming markets are subject to hacks, financial regulations, overhead costs and more.

The Ether Legends Solution

The peer to peer decentralized model run by the Ether Legends game platform makes skill based competition and verification of results easier and free of burdens and obstacles. Transactions are publicly available and verifiable, free from corruption, fraud and embezzlement, without relying on payment processors.

Problem #3

Many gaming interfaces and platforms usually experience data transfer delays and issues.

The Ether Legends Solution

Transactional game data including wins, losses, rewards, results, transactions, wallet balances, and asset redemptions are recorded using verifiable blockchain. This allows for true and total digital ownership of all game content and assets. They cannot be duplicated or counterfeited.

Problem #4

Players often complain about design problems and issues in many game interfaces

The Ether Legends Solution

The Ether Legends platform user interface promises to be seamless, easy to use and complexity free for an amazing mainstream user experience.

Problem #5

Players can only have one way to play a game – it is either online or offline.

The Ether Legends Solution

Ether Legends allows players to visualize, play, collect, trade and sell physical cards online by one time redemption. It connects physical cards to the online world and makes digital assets of them.

Ether Legends is taking a cue from OpenZeppelin’s framework of building secure smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. It seeks to use this to create a high quality, open source and reusable smart contract package that can become the foundation for gaming projects. Its goal is to become the preferred blockchain digital collectible trading card game and platform. It seeks to set a standard for and shape future blockchain gaming projects.

The Ether Legends ICO is set to begin on February 15, 2018. For more information on Ether Legends, visit its website where you can also read the whitepaper. You can also reach the team via:

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