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ICONIQ Lab: Digital Assets Management for the Cryptocurrency Market

Eseandre Mordi



Digital assets in the blockchain industry, commonly known as cryptocurrencies or tokens, reached an all time high value in the start of 2018. This was majorly powered by the hundreds of ICOs that offered alternative investment opportunities for people, rather than just the two at one time (bitcoin and ether).

Ever increasing number of trading platforms also helped in traders not only to get easier access, but allow for increased liquidity too. However, there is a fundamental issue that still holds thousands of investors at bay. These digital assets lack the standard quality assurances that are offered to investors in traditional trading. These include regulated investments vehicles such as ETFs and ETNs.

ICONIQ, with its unique approach to cryptocurrency investment, is planning to change all this through the introduction of its digital asset management platform. The platform gives financing to blockchain startups through regulated, time tested financial vehicles. This also means a huge benfiit to investors since their funds are more secure than just taking part in any ICO.

ICNQ: Powering Wise Investments

The whole digital asset management system of ICONIQ is powered through its native token, the ICNQ. The digital token is like none other in the industry as it offers some very unique benefits to its holders.

The whole ICONIQ ecosystem consists of three major aspects, where the ICNQ token plays unique roles to not only give investors an increased chance of returns, but create a more stable investing environment than the regular crypto investment options in the market.

  • ICONIQ Holding Uses

One of the most important factor that crypto investors seek is the rise of token value over a period of time. This is ordinarily hampered by the supply and demand ratio, use cases, incentives and regulations issues. ICONIQ Holding covers these aspects through:

  • Token Burning: By destroying 10% of all tokens redeemed at a quarterly basis, ICONIQ actually decreases the token supply, thereby pushing down the supply ratio against the demand and offering increase in value.
  • Reselling: Understanding that unusual demand with dwindling supply will lead to a balloon affect on the value, rest of the redeemed tokens will be resold into the market at a steady supply.
  • Loyalty Programs: Through different loyalty programs such as recurring rewards, bonuses, event participation and asset management, the demand of the token is ensured and thus, counters any chances of the value falling.
  • Continual Product Release: Instead of just launching a few services, the platform  will keep on adding products and services to its base, creating a demand for them and therefore, the ICNQ token itself.
  • Transactional Value: Using the ICNQ token as the medium of exchange, any service or product used by investors will be paid for through the ICNQ token. This means there will always be a demand for more tokens as services and products are used.
  • ICONIQ Lab Uses

As a venture capital and startup accelerator program, the ICONIQ Lab selects few of the most promising decentralized projects and offers it funding through its investors. The Lab uses the token for:

  • Venture Capital Investor Club: Through an exclusive access to the biggest ICOs, ICONIQ will allow investors to pay for discounted tokens of the platforms, payable only through the ICNQ token. This pushes for more ICNQ holdings and increasing its demand.
  • Accelerator Program: Startups are carefully selected and provided the best of funding and guidance, creating a demand for projects to qualify for it and subsequent investments through ICNQ token.
  • Corporate Consulting: Catering to all, small and medium enterprises to the largest Fortune 500 companies for a 360 degree best practice consultation for blockchain and token sales.
  • Security Tokens: Plans for security tokens launch are in progress, which is the next logical step in regulation compliant tokens, giving the same security level as traditional instruments.
  • ICONIQ Funds Uses

A dedicated portal for diversification in crypto assets, ICONIQ Funds allows investors to develop their portfolio to minimize risks and maximize gains. The ICNQ token also plays its role here:

  • Professional Investment Fund: Subscription based to only professional investors who have invested in the ICNQ token, the Malta based PIF is an open ended fund and will permit up to EUR100 million in total investments.
  • Digital Indexing Funds: Through a partnership with BITA, a digital index company, ICNQ holders will be given access to enterprise grade index engines for updated and realistic current market conditions to allow better judgment of decisions.
  • Asset Manager as a Service: By allowing Asset Managers to handle investments, investors can relax and let professionals handle their assets to get maximum gains. AMaaS registered Asset Managers will be paid only in ICNQ tokens.

Through all of these aspects and their uses, the ICNQ token will be the main qualifier for them. Only ICNQ holders will be given access to these services and the carefully planned products ensure that risks are minimized, incentives to hold on to ICNQ tokens are maximized and the flow of token from one party to another continue. This creates an increasing demand of the tokens, leading to an investment ecosystem that is like none other.

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