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Matou: Community-based autonomous digital assets trading platform

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The community-based autonomous digital assets trading platform Matou( had been open for OTC on July 2nd. It is reported that Matou is a product of Suanlitou Hong Kong Ltd., which has NBR fourth-ranked cloud mining service platform in the world, and has established several large-scale mining farms around the world. Matou team announced that they will airdrop about 40 million platform token (MTB) for users; MTB is also the first community-based consensus mechanism trading platform to adopt “Holding Currency Mining + Transaction Fee Mining + Buyback Mechanism”.

Matou means pier in Chinese, and it is connecting the domestic market and the international market as a goods, funds, technology, talent, and information gathering point. Matou hope to become the “Matou” in the era of new digital assets and bring change to the entire industry.

Matou Global Token, abbreviated MTB, is a credit point system based on blockchain for distribution and management. The total amount of MTB issued is limited to 1 billion, of which 30% (300 million) is used to purchase gift card packages and strategic partnerships; 15% (150 million) is used for team incentives, and the lock-up period is two years, releasing 75 million annually; 4% (40 million) was used for user awards and platform operations; 51% (510 million) was returned as a community rewards and distributed to users in the form of “Transaction Fee Mining” within two years.

MTB uses the form of “Transaction Fee Mining”, and more than half (51%) of MTB will be distributed to users for free within two years. In addition, 50% of Matou revenue in each quarter will be used for repurchase in the circulation market, and the full amount of MTB for repurchase will be publicly destroyed.

Now registration and finish ID certification will win 100 MTB, and public sale will begin soon, stay tuned with us on

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