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PumaPay’s PMA Token Listed On HitBTC for PMA/BTC and PMA/ETH Trading

Eseandre Mordi



With the unending growth and expansion witnessed by the world of digital assets, more and more cryptocurrencies, digital assets, tokens and Initial Coin Offerings [ICOs] keep finding their way into the ecosystem. From a recent press release, the cryptocurrency ecosystem has been informed that PumaPay will be having its highly valued PMA tokens listed on HitBTC (The crypto exchange platform that allows for fiat and cryptocurrency trading). These two companies are prominent companies in the services they deliver, and this partnership is a positive one for traders, the world of digital assets and the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole.

PumaPay and HitBTC

PumaPay is a platform that provides an open source network that makes use of the blockchain to decentralize payment processing. This platform makes available to users the best payment methods both traditional and digital in the most secured, most effective and transparent way due to its being powered by the blockchain. HitBTC, on the other hand, started initially by a venture capital and has today grown to be one of the world’s most acknowledged cryptocurrency exchange platform that lets users trade not only cryptocurrencies but every other digital asset as well as ICOs of start-ups and tokens.

The Benefits Of Listing PMA Tokens On HitBTC

With the announcement of PumaPay token being listed on HitBTC, taking effect from the 8th day of August 2018, comes several benefits for users, traders as well as the cryptocurrency world as a whole. From the official press released to effect this plan, some of the benefits it will provide include:

  • Despite the fact that the PMA token is a very valuable one of a prominent company, it has been listed at a price that is equivalent to the price when it was made available in a private token sale earlier on. This price is put at 50,000 PMA per Ethereum.
  • Also, listing PMA tokens on a global exchange platform like HitBTC means that the PMA tokens become available to a wider range of traders in the community considering its track record of excellence and effectiveness as an exchange platform with high liquidity trading over 150 digital assets.
  • This partnership according to the CEO of PumaPay is in line with the company’s vision of a cryptocurrency ecosystem where traders need not strive to meet up with the complexities of crypto payments. This he said is made possible by HitBTC being a convenient exchange platform.

PumaPay being ranked as the 7th largest ICO by CryptoCompare due to its development of a Pull payment protocol and now listed on HitBTC – one of the world’s largest crypto exchange, is a sign that PumaPay is serious for business. PumaPay’s PMA token will not just be more appreciated, but crypto traders can now be able to trade making use of digital assets from a company characterized by speedy transaction rate at a low cost, and an exchange platform that not only supports fiat/crypto trading but provides a very convenient trading atmosphere. Crypto/fiat trading not only gets better with this, it becomes more convenient.

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