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MOBU Team: Security Token experts and well experienced Advisory Board

Eseandre Mordi



Just like a well-oiled machine will always deliver results, even in the toughest of conditions, the well experienced and balanced team behind a project can deliver successfully. A project may have a sound concept, an excellent marketing strategy, market demand and adequate finances, but if the team is not well versed in their respective areas, the whole project will collapse.

MOBU, a platform that taps in the largely ignored digital securities, creates a marketplace where verified organizations can float their digital tokens representing different kinds of securities that are in line with regulatory bodies and laws.

Buyers on the market are also carefully vetted through different partner verification members to comply with KYC and AML laws. The securities traded are tightly controlled in the sense that a buyer can only sell it to another verified buyer.

Through these conditions, MOBU creates a trading environment, which is in line with traditional security markets, thus bringing a billion-dollar market to the decentralization age.

MOBU’s Team

Since MOBU is working within a very delicate framework, where it has to comply with different financial and trading regulations and laws, the team has one of the finest security and equity trader in the market. Led by Juan EngelBrecht, the founder and CEO of MOBU, the team has a leader who has years of experience in the security market. He has a B Com degree in Cost and Management Accounting and a Chartered Accounting degree. From early age, he was interested in trading and bought his first share at the age of 15. He has traded in equities and securities in Johannesburg Stock Exchange with one of the biggest trading houses in the country.

Paul Pelser as the CFO looks after the platform’s finance angle. He has a B. Compt degree and has auditing experience with South Africa’s largest industrial chemical company. Paul was exposed to the cryptocurrency scene in 2017, where he was a team member of Zabercoin, which had a successful ICO. With his knowledge of finance and how the cryptocurrency world works, he is the perfect man for the job.

As the CIO, Brian Golding brings in more than 3 decades of trading in financial market experience to the team. As CEO and Managing partner of a stockbroking firm and having his own personal portfolio in trading, his experience and regulatory compliance understanding is very valuable to MOBU and its future.

Frikkie van Biljon brings rounds up the MOBU team from the technical aspect. A degree in IT, he has always been interested in programming and has worked in the largest software houses in South Africa. With his expertise and exposure to blockchain, his work is crucial in ensuring that security tokens and trades on the platform are within compliance.

Advisory Board

Like all projects, MOBU also has its own share of advisors who guide the team with their vast experiences. David Drake is one them. The founder and chairperson of LDJ Capital comes from a family of institutional investors. With his family, he has investments and alliances in the Americas, Europe and Asia. David has a keen interest in technology, media, telecom energy and social impact investments. His experience in handling these gives a valuable insight to MOBU.

Paresh Masani is a cyber-security expert who has worked with few of the best banks in the world, spearheading their digital security systems. For a platform like MOBU, where every asset is digital, digital security is paramount and Paresh, with his understanding of fintech securities, gives the platform a guidance to give it an enterprise level security.

Raising his first $1 million by the age of 20, Bobir Akilhanov has multiple experiences in startups and entrepreneurship. He works closely with a multitude of companies as a business consultant and brings the same consultancy experience to MOBU

Vladimr Nikitin is a legal consultant who has worked for more than a decade in the technology sector and in the ICO arena. He is one of the top five ICObench certified ICO experts. A true believer of blockchain technology as the next big thing, he has helped raise seven successful ICOs, with countless advises to others. MOBU will benefit greatly from his legal expertise in merging tokens with securities.


MOBU has created partnerships with few of the leading services, such as Amazix, an ICO consultancy team; Lunalabs, ICO startup advisory company; TOkensuite’s ICO funding; AXIS, a legal firm for the digital age; Crypto B2B, a blockchain development and outsourcing firm and Currency Analytics, a blockchain news platform.

With such an assembly of experts in its team, covering finances and technology, MOBU creates a powerful team that is well prepared for the venture it is about to take. The advisors are elite in their class and the perfect partnership will ensure that the platform is a success.

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