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Orvium : Open and Transparent Science Powered By Blockchain

Eseandre Mordi



Powered by the blockchain, Orvium is essentially a decentralized storage for scientific publications. A storage system so designed to create a fully transparent, secure yet public record of all submitted scholarly works and similar data. Not only does Orvium safeguard the research publication or any other science-focused publication, Orvium also keeps track of the paper’s life cycle – from research to publication. The Orvium project is an innovative project, the first ever of its kind in the industry and behind the innovative concept are Manuel Martin, Antonio Romero and Antonio Romero. The trio is proficient in blockchain technology, big data analytics, software engineering with previous work experience under certain big names in the industry including Oracle, BMW and UPS. Orvium also has a science centered team and a technical team consisting of members with proficient work experience along with a team of advisors for adequate representation and business strategies.

Benefits of Orvium

A number of revolutionary changes in human history can be ascribed to advancements in science and technology. Without a doubt, science has not just improved the quality of life but the length of life as well. However, one can not talk about the exceptional achievements of science in the world without a mention of the information dissemination process. Generating new ideas and further research on old ones is a remarkable feat, however, none of these would matter if there is no efficient and effective publication platform for the research community. With that being said, it pertinent to note that the scientific publishing industry is in one of the most lucrative businesses of all time, reportedly bringing in more profits than Google, Apple and Amazon. Sadly, these profits are generated by the publishing companies at the expense of the authors and reviewers of the published texts. From a ridiculously high cost of publication to obscure and exploitative copyright rules to a lack of a reward system to encourage the researchers behind the projects, the system couldn’t be more inefficient.

Orvium was created in collaboration with companies and organizations like CERN, Oracle, Amazon and University of Cantabria to offer solutions to these problems, to create a more friendly ecosystem for the authors. Some of the benefits offered by Orvium include;

  • Continuous validation and reviewer recognition

Deserving authors on the platform will receive recognition and rewards for peer reviews from other researchers on the platform.

  • Custom copyright

Licensing and copyright rules will be under total control of the author and not the publishers, and they are at liberty to alter the set rights whenever they please.

  • Transparent peer review

Fully transparent and credible calculation of quality metrics like peer reviews and impact factors.

  • Open big data analytics

Utilization of artificial intelligence technologies and big data analytics to create a smart digital infrastructure to boost scientific production.

  • Traceable life cycle

Utilization of the blockchain’s database to provide secure and transparent records, covering the details of an entry from the date of submission to the author to the location etc. – the proof-of-existence protocol.

Orvium Token

The Orvium platform is powered by a new cryptocurrency known as the Orvium token. The token was created for use within the platform and it is what will grant users on the platform access to the services. Services like peer review, journal management, manuscript submission, payments for copyright licenses and sharing of research data will facilitate by the token. From authors of journals to the reviewers of the journals to the readers of such journals, these services will be made available to all registered users on the platform.


Orvium is using the blockchain technology to create a distributed/shared and immutable record of the publication life cycle. Orvium’s ultimate goal is to establish itself as the main publication platform for authors and institutions while effectively giving back to the society the benefits of science. Orvium can be found online at for more detailed information about the platform.

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