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SpringRole Blockchain and ICO – A Decentralized Professional Network for Jobs

Eseandre Mordi



In the world of today, background checks on potential employees are becoming a major step for all organizations. Yet, with the amount of effort and money required to check out each applicant, this can be a daunting task. The task is made more difficult with applicants falsifying more information that is not easily verifiable, such as experiences and any special training attended.

SpringRole’s Approach

SpringRole is a blockchain based platform that acts as a fact and background checker for people looking for jobs. Just like any other job portal, it has a collection of aspiring job seekers as its user base. The users upload information on the platform about themselves, such as CVs, Resumes and other background information.

The platform does all checks on the users. An organization looking for suitable candidates can connect with SpringRole and enter the required information. The point of contact of the organization can view verified and attested CVs or resumes for potential (or existing) employees so that they can make a sound selection of whom to hire.

SpringRole’s Workings

As a decentralized blockchain platform, users on it will need to have their information confirmed and verified only once. As they are verified, the information will be written on the blockchain, which becomes a permanent part of the ecosystem.

This helps in decreasing load of employees and employers since candidates and people will not be needed to be re-verified. There are two types of verifications on the platform:


The information on any CVs and resumes contain three major components: educational qualifications, work experience, and skills.

Each of the components has their separate attestation flow. Other users on the platform can attest for each of the components independently, or at the user’s request. As more endorsements are given, the score of that component will rise. A higher score will mean a higher command over the component, eventually not only verifying the authenticity of the information on the profile but also allow future employers to select the best candidate.


To ensure that the system is not abused by people just endorsing each other to raise their score, each sign up will consist of the platform’s own verification.

Spring Is In The Air

The economics of the platform will be powered by their own Spring token. The ERC20 compliant token is open for pre-sale registration, where the event will see 2.55 billion Springs being sold through the pre-ICO.

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