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Solareum Brings Solar Energy Into Blockchain with Solareum Coin

Crystal Moore



Even as other industries are swept up in waves of technology disruption, the energy industry has been hesitant to embrace change. However, the introduction of blockchain is expected to speed things up and drastically transform the industry’s markets and process.

Lately, we have seen many companies trying to bring blockchain into the energy sector. For instance, America Green Solar has recently launched the first ever cryptocurrency in the solar industry, Solareum. This news is exciting for the future of the solar industry, solar owners, investors, and more.

Solareum is a currency that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain that is the first and foremost coin to be backed by major solar companies. Solareum offer discounts on solar panels, free renewable items, discounts on exclusive solar heating, and rewards for ownership of solar panels all across the world! Solareum currency changes the world in making energy pay you, instead of you paying for your energy!

Unlike current fiat currencies that lose value, Solareum token, SLRM, is expected to increase in value because of its limited supply and liquidity. The general public has an opportunity to buy into the Solareum advantage by making the most of its ICO.

Solareum as a business exists as a seamless, reliable blockchain-verified and smart contract approved transaction system. The core operating principle of Solareum is to provide a single platform for all financial transactions, thereby allowing users to benefit. For example, users will be able to borrow money, sell something their products or services and donate to their favourite charity, or even buy insurance. The goal is to provide users with great tools they can use to generate ideas, fund projects, and achieve their dreams.

The Solareum token, Solar, will be used as a medium of exchange for the Solareum platform. Users will use the tokens for the creation and management of transactions, such as the receipt and submission of payments for services, access to exclusive discounts per purchase, and privileges on orders of the newest solar technologies. The platform will continually introduce new features, in order that additional industries can avail themselves of its benefits.

Solareum promises constantly deploy new innovations to its already feature-rich platform. This will ensure the platform stands out in the cryptocurrency marketplace. Among other things the users of the platform are guaranteed to enjoy include:

  • Pool trading – They  integrate with up to 20 leading cryptocurrencies, and by using trading forces major profits can be obtained by trading in the volatile cryptocurrency market.
  • Cold and secure storage of user funds – They alleviate the worry of hacking attempts with the use of cold and secure storage, using two-factor authentication and other security verification methods.
  • Catering to inexperienced users – Solareum system allows inexperienced traders to copy the movements of those who are much more experienced. New traders can benefit from the expertise and knowledge of experienced market gamers.
  • Solareum Investment Fund – They will provide a completely managed investment fund, based on the leading cryptocurrencies. Users can choose to invest without the hassle of knowing when to buy or to sell.
  • Credit Card Integration – This major feature aids direct integration with a number of credit card service providers and enables our users to spend their cryptocurrency.

The members of the Solareum team are skilled and innovative. These members include Dillon KO, CEO of KOTech and winner of TechCrunch Hackathon 2016; Gabriel Gomez, co-founder of KOTech and Full stack web developer; Lavi Malek, full stack blockchain developer; Ken Reece, founder at America Green Solar; and several others.

Solareum has already launched its ICO and SOLAREUM are available at 70 cents a coin. This is an opportunity you might want to take advantage of. For more information and participation, kindly visit:

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