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Hans Choi the CEO of OpenChain Joins Valorem – Get VLR Token at Pre-Sale with 100% Bonus:

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Hans (Namkyu) Choi – CEO of OpenChain Joins Valorem as the New Adviser to the Valorem Foundation Spotlight: Blockchain & Real Estate Software Adviser.

“Hans is a CEO of Openchain, multiful blockchain platform and applications like real estate, Video clip & mark, as well as co-founder of Korean blockchain developer community with various IT experts from many field like finantial system, AI, big data, processing design, fintech, business owner. He is also co-organizer of blockchain event with ISSAC-KAIST and Korean blockchain comunity. He has been a Software developer more than 20 years and focused on financial field for 10 years.
Hans had participated various huge financial projects, ordered by major bank, insurance, stock and fintech firms, as a business analyst, processing designer, developer, application architecture. Hans holds a M. Sc dgree (2004) at Chungbuk national university in the area of computer science, belonged to XML DB team in Database Lab.”

Valorem Foundation, the new blockchain based platform that allows users to exchange value via smart contracts without the services of 3rd party or external vendors officially announces the launch of its ICO on the 28th January 2018 and the pre sale of tokens which is currently open for participations.

Valorem Foundation is a reserve lending platform for multi-party transactions across multiple industries. It uses a blockchain technology which allows users to borrow, lend, invest, transfer and exchange money between each other, creating a trust-based platform that removes the need for 3rd-party services or external vendors.

Due to the effects of the Great Recession between 2008-2010, Millennials have experienced poorer financial health than baby boomers, resulting in diminished financial independence for the generation thus far. This suggests that Millennials would benefit from using apps facilitating and incentivizing financial interdependence, aiding them in achieving greater financial health in an interconnected way, because Millennials want an easy, decentralized system for transacting that they can trust. That is why Volerom was designed to help meet this need.

Valorem’s leading service is its lending platform. Once logged onto the Valorem Platform, a user can post to the community a request for a loan. Community members within the platform can see the request and respond with offers, with borrowers having as many lenders—fractional or whole—as they want or need. In addition, when borrowers on Valorem’s platform take out loans, lenders can hedge their default risk by buying insurance via the platform. This allows trust to be built platform-wide, while also stabilizing value across the entire cryptocurrency.

The top notch platform will be launching its Initial Coin Offering by 28th of January 2018 and is offering 100% bonus on token Pre-Sale is currently open now. In the coming days, Valorem Foundation will be introducing the AltCoin Exchange Program. This purchase program will be the 5th way ICO supporters will be able to be a part of Valorem’s project. With this program, users, and investors will be able to exchange their other AltCoins that they currently have with Valorem Tokens.

The concept of distributed ledger technology is the main spirit behind Valorem Foundation, but the engine that runs it is the trust it creates. When trust is created between groups of people, crypto or mainstream, it creates greater understanding of one another. With blockchain, this will allow consumers and businesses alike to transact between each other at the speed of light. Valorem Foundation is officially listed on Bitscreener, ICO Expert, CryptoRated, ICO Digest, and BitcoinExchangeGuide in recognition of its incredible platform and transformative technology.

For more information, please see to find out more and participate in their Pre-Sale and ICO today!

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