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StartApp introduces Mobilechain, the platform for mobile apps that aims to bring blockchain to the masses

Eseandre Mordi



According to an estimate, cryptocurrency and decentralized platform/services users are anywhere from 20 million to 30 million worldwide. This may seem to be a high number, but when looking at the global population, this is less than half a percent adoption rate. The blockchain technology still needs to go a long way before it becomes mainstream.

 The technology, like all others, fits into the technology diffusion theory. It currently sits within the earliest stage of a technology adoption life curve, the innovators. To shift into the common man’s use, it must cross two more thresholds, the early adopters and the chasm. 

Key Factors in Adoption

Geoffrey Moore, the author who defined all the stages of adoption, pointed out some key factors that push the product or a technology past the chasm:

  • Right Distribution, giving consumers access to the service or product.

  • Affordable Price, giving everyone the financial ability to buy it.

  • A Complete Package, a technology that is free of errors and consumer friendly.

  • Value, indicating that the new technology is just not a fad that will die out eventually, leaving many adopters stranded.

     Mobiles, Blockchain And The Chasm

Blockchain, as a technology, is still very early in its stage of life. Even with millions of users, the technology still lacks the ability to cross the Chasm boundary and shift into the mainstream and common adoption. There are several platforms online that are pushing and competing to overcome these resistances, but either they are too nascent, or have failed to gather enough support. 

The problem, it seems, is not that the blockchain developers are not trying hard enough, but that nearly all fail to understand that the push forward needs a single, common piece of hardware that has one of the highest population penetration in the world: The mobile phone. 

A technology that saw its modern iteration nearly 2 decades ago, there were nearly 4.8 billion active users in the world and according to GSMA, the Global Standard for Mobile Association, there is a forecast of 5.7 billion users by 2020. That is a penetration of over 70% of the world’s population. 

StartApp And MobileChain

StartApp is a leading mobile and data company understands that for blockchain’s mass adoption, mobiles are key. To this effect, they have started a new project, called MobileChain. The platform will push the diffusion of the decentralized technology through the cellular phones. 

To do this, StartApp has revisited the Moore’s key factors of adoption and has designed MobileChain, the blockchain for mobiles, around the factors. 

The decentralized platform will give a prebuilt infrastructure to app developers and publishers to enter the crypto economy. Using their Software Development Kit, any publisher or app developer will be able to add blockchain services and its features to their mobile app. The integration and its intricacies will be handled by MobileChain, allowing the developers to work on their core objective of providing quality application and services, while the blockchain integration load is taken care off by the platform. this means that mobile add developers need not have any skill or experience in blockchain, allowing every type of developer to tap into the features and offers of the technology. 

MobileChain Clientage

As a blockchain platform geared towards the mobile sector, MobileChain will have three types of clientage and users of its platform: 

  • Developers and Publishers: as discussed above, the platform will give developers and publishers the Launchpad for their applications on the blockchain. This also includes monetization of their services though cryptocurrencies.

  • End users: With applications and services of different companies on the mobile, consumers will have an easier access to these apps. Owning a mobile phone is easier than having a bank account in many countries. This means that users who need access to premium services will now be able to pay for it through their crypto wallets within the mobiles.

  • Brands: MobileChain will provide solutions to brands such as enabling them to have their own cryptocurrency, blockchain app and a crypto economy.Features of MobileChain

For its clientage, the decentralized mobile platform offers the following: 

  • MobileChain Token: The Ethereum based ERC20 token will act as a medium of exchange on the platform, enabling even those people who do not have a bank account to trade, buy, sell and take part in a growing economy.

  • SDK: The mobile software development kit is a one fit for all application for developers who can use it to add blockchain functionality to their applications.

  • CryptoWallet: A secure mobile e-wallet for their cryptocurrency

  • Branded Tokens: Every app developer or brand owner can have their own micro-economy with their own brand of tokens.

By enabling mass adoption of the blockchain, especially reaching out to people who have little idea on what is the technology- and enabling a digital economy for everyone, StartApp’s MobileChain has the perfect combination of characteristics to break through the resistance of Moore’s Chasm.

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