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Dalia Hilmi



How is positioning itself at the forefront of the blockchain market.

Interested in understanding a little bit more about who we are?

If you haven’t heard by now, is the next generation’s financial institute. A blockchain-based trading platform which aims to democratize the financial markets and redistribute wealth back to investors and companies, through reducing and eliminating fees and inefficiencies by utilizing its innovative trading platform.

Through the creation of our exciting innovative peer-to-peer shared liquidity pool, profits can in turn get redistributed back to customers, making us diverse from other exchanges in the market. We use peer-to-peer platforms to support the trading of a wide range of assets, and have just launched the most exciting coin: the TradeToken. At a lower more competitive price than other currencies currently out there, all new traders will be among the pioneers wishing to take advantage of our next-generation platform from the start.

The exchange not only supports trading of assets, but supports a more efficient listing of assets in the crypto economy through a safe and reliable blockchain system. The success achieved so far is a testament to the core investors behind the project who hold solid investment banking experience and senior advisory expertise (stay tuned for a later post on the community).

Our long-term vision and goals

Naturally, we aim on becoming the leading exchange for traditional companies to raise funds from both crypto and traditional financing communities. Through utilizing technology, we can tackle our goal of achieving the biggest trading liquidity pool and strive to become a top five crypto-asset based on market capitalization.

The ICO story

Our impressive ICO, which was launched on December 7, raised a staggering $31,169,749 from 15,073 participants who purchased 65,782,147 Trade Tokens, or TIO. Our primary ICO milestones were all achieved, which included a soft cap of $5 million, a further $10 million to strengthen the liquidity pool, as well as an astonishing $30 million for the blockchain exchange creation.

And that’s just the beginning!‘s exciting launch of the exchange this spring has got the board and management team anticipating that this will indeed be the leading exchange of its kind-initially in the crypto space, and then we plan to introduce more popular instruments including Forex and others.

So what makes us so special?

Unlike some new exchanges only offering a handful of coins to trade with, our platform will in fact begin trading with over 200 different coins.

In addition, we also offer:

  • Instant account verification
  • Industry’s only fully customizable trading platform
  • Intuitive user interface, built on scalable infrastructure
  • Low fees and no deposit fees
  • 24/7 support in multiple languages
  • Wide range of most popular instruments, chosen by you

It’s worth noting that when we refer to quality customer service, we are not exaggerating. believes that long waiting times are totally unacceptable and as a result will be introducing a strict “24 Hours or Less” policy, when it comes to supporting customers.

We are also excited and proud to announce that we will be launching an innovative and valuable education platform. This will include face-to-face seminars throughout the globe where traders can learn about crypto currencies and how to trade them, as well as weekly online seminars where clients can participate and ask questions. (Stay tuned for a separate post on this closer to the time.)

Smart technologies leading the way clients will be using one of the most user-friendly and safe crypto trading exchanges on the market. In addition to multiple safety protocols such as the utilization of 2FA & Google Authenticator for withdrawals, the entire construction of the platform is being overseen by leading online security experts. The exchange will be fully scalable and robust, meaning it will be able to handle a continuous mass influx of customers, and be able to handle even the most voluminous times during volatile markets.

Our platform will consist of three primary elements

  • Web 2.0 Layer
  • Cloud server & data storage
  • Blockchain fabric advancement

So it is time to get onboard with, our unique platform’s engaging and innovative campaigns will certainly put us at the forefront and you can be assured that we won’t be shy. This is just the beginning of our exciting exchange journey.

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