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Ukey Card – A Biometric Security Cryptocurrency Wallet From Unikeys

Eseandre Mordi



Unikeys, recently launched a biometric-enabled security wallet, with a fingerprint system that offers a safer means of handling transactions on the crypto market. No doubt cryptocurrency has visibly changed the face of the financial sector, by providing a hassle-free method of carrying out trades. It even gets better with the infusion of the blockchain technology which has overtime offered a secure mode of transactions on the digital market. To be candid cryptocurrency has sure found its footing in the fintech industry.

While it might sound like cryptocurrency, have made a great deal of achievement, there are still some few loose ends that are still left unchecked especially the aspect of users having a mobile security wallet that wouldn’t require being plugged to an external device like a phone or tablet. The software wallet is liable to be hacked or access by unauthorized parties. Which leaves us with the question “where can we find a secured mobile digital platform?” Unikeys have duly answered this question through their financial transforming security system- Ukey card.

Features Of The Ukey card

The card is easy to carry and comes in the usual shape of your credit card, with the fingerprint chip right in its front. Unikeys partnered with Mereal biometrics to pull off this world first three-factor authentication security wallet. This collaborative effort will reduce cybercrime especially in the fintech industry since access to the account will require swiping the user’s finger on their card.

One of the most endearing features of this card is the failsafe feature, having the assurance that any uncanny move with your card will make it stop working. And not to forget, its ability to create a backup of your details on the secured hard wallet, preventing access by an unknown party. With the aid of it Bluetooth and NFC functions, you get gainful access whether you’re an android or apple user. At the moment users with the following digital currency Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, ERC20 token, and the Unikey tokens can seamlessly perform their transactions on the platform.

Means Of Transactions On The Ukey card

Although cryptocurrency is becoming a household name, a mainstream-adoption would make it much better, and this can only be achieved with the infusion of a point of sale system of transaction. This is what Ukey card has brought to the fold by offering it merchandise the opportunity of receiving payment with digital currency using their Ukey card. And they can now convert the digital currency into any of their desired fiat currency, which might be USD, EUR, JPY, or HKD.

“At Unikeys we aspire to be the true catalyst for cryptocurrencies becoming mainstream. Biometrics will finally provide the true security and piece of mind to encourage mass adoption. In parallel, our merchant ecosystem and payment channels structure will streamline and speed up transactions making cryptocurrency payments a real practical option for the people,” said Alexandre Tabbakh, CEO and Co-Founder of Unikeys.

“We’re breaking new ground in the market. The UKey card provides the speed and convenience of a credit card while maintaining the security of a cold storage wallet and the decentralized independence of blockchain technology.”


The biometric security system is an excellent financial tool considering its potent function in the fintech industry. With its enormous potential, this platform of trade could offer so much more in the future.

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